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June Ellenoff O'Neill

Wollman Distinguished Professor Of Economics And Director Of The Center For The Study Of Business And Government

June O'NeillWollman Distinguished Professor Of Economics And Director Of The Center For The Study Of Business And Government
Curriculum Vitae (download pdf)



BA Sarah Lawrence College 1955
PhD Columbia University Economics 1970


Areas of Expertise :

Labor markets and income differences; Tax, Budget, Welfare, and Social Security Policy

Academic Activities

Professor of Economics and Finance, 1987-

Director, Center for the Study of Business and Government, 1987- ( Zicklin School of Business)

Other Professional Activities

Chair, Board of Scientific Counselors, National Center for Health Statistics, 2003-

Congressional Budget Office, Director, March 1995-February 1999.

Member, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), 2003--.

Vice President of the American Economic Association, 1998

National Institute of Medicine ( National Academy of Sciences) Committee on Purchasing Recommended Vaccines: Financing Options; (2002-2003)

Panel of Economic Advisers, Congressional Budget Office, 1999-

Advisory Board, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, 1999-

Selected Publications

Child Poverty and Welfare Reform : Stay the Course, (with Sanders Korenman) Civic Report No. 44, Manhattan Institute, December, 2004.

“Why Social Security Needs Fundamental Reform” OhioState Law Journal, Volume 65, No. 1, 2004

“The Trust Fund, the Surplus and the Real Social Security Problem”, Social Security and its Discontents: Perspectives on Choice, Michael Tanner, ed. CATO Institute, 2004.

“The Gender Gap in Wages, Circa 2000”, American Economic Review, May, 2003

Gaining Ground, Moving Up: The Change in the Economic Status of Single Mothers Under Welfare Reform, with M. Anne Hill, Manhattan Institute, Civic Report No. 35, March, 2003

“Has Welfare Reform Changed Teenage Behavior?” (with R.Kaestner, S. Korenman ), Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Vol. 22, No.2, 2003

“Above the Fray’: the Role of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget” (WITH Susan Tanaka and Arlene Holen) Controlling Public Expenditure: the Changing Roles of Central Budget Agencies-Better Guardians? John Wanna, L. Jensen and J. de Vries, eds. Edward Elgar Press, 2003

Earning Patterns and Changes in Economics and Other Sciences", (with Nachum Sicherman) Eastern Economic Journal, Vol. 23, No. 4, Fall 1997

"Family Endowments and the Achievement of Young Children", (with M. Anne Hill) Journal of Human Resources, Vol. XXIX 4, 1994,

"Why the Gender Gap in Wages Narrowed in the 1980s” (with Solomon Polachek) Journal of Labor Economics, January 1993

Lessons for Welfare Reform: An Analysis of the AFDC Caseload and Past Welfare -to-Work Programs (with Dave M. O'Neill) W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, Kalamazoo , Michigan , 1997

“Federal Funding of R&D in an Era of Budgetary Restraint”, (with PhillipWebre), Future of Biomedical Research, Claude Barfield and B. Smith, eds., American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institution, AEI Press,1997

OP-ED Articles :

Where do we Go From Here?”, on Social Security, The New York Sun, March 25, 2005 ;

“Welfare Reform Worked,” June O'Neill, The Wall Street Journal, August 1, 2001

Working Paper:

NBER Working Paper #11240, (with Dave M. O’Neill) What Do Wage Differentials Tell Us About Labor Market Discrimination ?(April,2005)

Awards, Honors, etc.

Who's Who in America

Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award for "Work and Welfare in Massachusetts ", 1991.

Recent grants: Dietrich Weismann, Achelis and Bodman Foubdations,

John M. Olin Foundation, Manhattan Institute,

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