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IBA, the International Business Alumni of Baruch College, is an independent organization created by and for the benefit of Baruch graduates who majored in international business/marketing or are working in international business or overseas. It is sponsored and supported by the Weissman Center for International Business.

IBA, the International Business Alumni of Baruch College, is an independent organization created by and for the benefit of Baruch graduates who majored in international business/marketing or are working in international business or overseas. It is sponsored and supported by the Weissman Center for International Business and the Office of College Advancement.

Mark Santus is the current chair of IBA.

The aim of IBA is to create a network of internationally focused graduates and provide access to the wealth of practical and career-enhancing information gained through the collective experience of its members. See below to learn about the IBA's mission statement and who is involved with IBA.

See what events the IBA has planned.

IBA members are part of the larger network of the Zicklin Alumni Club, the Baruch College Alumni Association, including its DC Chapter and overseas chapters.

Take advantage of the unique resources Baruch has to offer by joining IBA. A dynamic network such as IBA can be a critical tool in helping you take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the international marketplace.


The International Business Alumni of Baruch College (IBA) is an association of graduates of Baruch who have a professional interest in international business. Members either majored in some aspect of international business, are engaged in international business, or live and work outside the United States.

IBA's objectives are:

  • to provide a setting in which Baruch's international business alumni as well as current students can engage in employment and career-related networking;
  • to create a resource support system through which participants can exchange knowledge and experience about conducting business in different countries and situations;
  • to encourage social interactions among alumni who share a commitment to both Baruch College and international business;
  • to sustain and contribute to Baruch's tradition of academic excellence in the belief that reinforcing Baruch's resources and core values enhances its graduates' competence, reputation, and marketability.

The development of IBA is supported and encouraged by the Weissman Center for International Business and the Office of College Advancement.


Clement Akintomide (MBA '97)

Mr. Akintomide is an investment and financial planning consultant at TIAA-CREF. A citizen of Nigeria, his community activities include serving as president of the Board of Governors of Our Savior Lutheran Church Preschool.

David April (BBA ' 50)

David April is first vice-president of Merrill Lynch, where he has worked for 44 years. Mr. April is a veteran investment counselor and a frequent host of Weissman Center International Business Interns.

Paul Barretta (BBA '87, MBA '91)

Paul Barreta's experience in international business spans from working as a Global Cash Management Officer at Chase Manhattan Bank (now JP Morgan/Chase) to International Treasury Management and Business Development responsibility at MTV Networks and Nickelodeon International. After being employed as CFO of CMJ Network, he founded Talent Clearing House, Inc., which he currently operates in Northeast Pennsylvania. He is a founding member and first Chairman of the International Business Alumni of Baruch College.

Kevin James Brennan (MBA '89)

Mr. Brennan is presently the senior vice president of the Carlton Group, a real estate advisory firm. He also has been managing officer at Remsen Partners, Ltd., senior real estate analyst at CB Commercial, internal auditor at Helmsley Enterprises, and Assistant New York City assessor.

Alicia Bruckmann-Zanelli (BBA '82)

Ms. Bruckmann-Zanelli currently works as a financial consultant for Zanelli Knits. The company imports garments from Peru.

Rosa Charles (MBA '95)

Ms. Charles is presently an analyst in the New York City Comptroller's Office. Her area of responsibility includes labor, overtime issues, headcount and pension judgments. She is a youth mentor and a citizen of Grenada.

Joseph Chu (BBA ' 71)

Mr. Chu serves as the executive vice-president and chief operating officer of Safra National Bank of New York. He is also a director of the Manhattan Borough Development Corporation, a trustee of the Baruch College Fund and a member of the Weissman Center's Advisory Council.

Virginia Cutchin-Fried (MBA '97)

While earning her degree, Ms. Cutchin-Fried studied Mandarin and worked for the US Chamber of Commerce. She also worked as a marketing officer at the Bank of China in New York.

Stephen J. DiLorenzo (MBA '79)

Mr. DiLorenzo is owner and president of Compass Chartering, a cargo vessel chartering firm. He is also the CEO of a transport company, American Global Logistics.

Michael R. Fox (BBA '91)

Mr. Fox is currently assistant director of Strategic Intelligence and Carrier Relations at Deutsche Telekom Region Americas. Mr. Fox has served as host and mentor to Baruch students under the Weissman Center International Business Internship Program.

K. L. Fredericks (MBA '91)

Ms. Fredericks has been extensively involved in international trade through her work at the US Department of Commerce. She presently serves as the director of the Department's Harlem Export Assistance Center.

Krystyna Gut-Wanta (BBA '98)

Ms. Gut-Wanta has worked as Senior Program Officer, Europe, for the Business Council for International Understanding, a premiere business council that facilitates dialogue and action between its corporate members and the U.S. and foreign governments. In addition, BCIU is actively involved in the commercial training of U.S. diplomats. In her capacity she oversaw BCIU's Europe related activities (i.e. government relations, program development and business development).

John Lee (BBA '97)

Mr. Lee is the vice president of JSL Logistics Corps, which is a freight fowarder company located in Great Neck, New York. He was the executive vice president of the Global Business Society while attending Baruch.

Natasa Milosevic (BBA '97)

Upon graduation, Ms. Milosevic was hired by the Philip Morris Companies for their European division. Ever since, she has held positions of increasing importance within Brand Management division in Lausanne, Switzerland and in New York where she has been on assignment prior to returning to Switzerland to work in the newly established international headquarters. She is currently on an international assignment in Belgium and is responsible for the Trade Marketing department within the Benelux sales organization.

Angelo Odore (BBA '93)

Mr. Odore is currently an associate general manger with the Met Life Individual Business in New York. A citizen of Italy, he has worked in international marketing for L'Oreal Italia and as a trade consultant for Impexis.

Portia Rose (MBA '88)

Ms. Rose is currectly working at her own business, Portia Rose CPA. The company does tax consulting and presentations for individuals.

Gerard Santini (BBA '86)

Mr. Santini is the founder of Marketeers and Associates International, offering services in market profiling, operations support, and strategic planning. The firm has special expertise in the United States, Switzerland and Brazil.

Wayne Tam (MBA '83)

Mr. Tam is president of the UAD Group, a small conglomerate involved in architectural fabrication. UAD Group has interests in New York City, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Beijing. A native of Hong Kong, Mr. Tam worked for the United Nations for 13 years before going into the private sector.

David Tendler (BBA '59)

Former president of Philipp Brothers and co-chairman and CEO of Phibro-Salomon (now part of Citigroup), Mr. Tendler is currently a principal in Tendler Bretz LLC. While managing Philipp Brothers Far Eastern operations, he lived for seven years in Tokyo. Mr. Tendler also has served on the boards of Foreign Policy Association and the US-China Business Council.


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