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CPA Profession

How to become a CPA, CPA Exam and Applying to take the Uniform CPA Exam

How to become a CPA

(To be licensed to practice):

  1. The requirements are specific to each state and are under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Accountancy
  2. Most states recognize the licenses obtained from other states, but it is best to obtain a license in the state where you want to practice
  3. Requirements:
  • Educational requirement: BBA or BBA/MS
  • CPA Exam
  • Professional experience (the professional experience requirements can vary significantly across states)

CPA Exam

(“Uniform CPA Examination”)

  • Four parts – can be taken in any order and at multiple testing sites across each state. For instance, you can sit for the exam for licensure in New Hampshire in New York
  • New Format as of 2004 – computerized, including simulation
  • Candidates can sit for the exam in the first two months of every calendar quarter

Applying to take the Uniform CPA Exam

  • Applications can be submitted at any time
  • For first-time exam takers, the application process can take six to twelve weeks
  • Official school transcripts required
  • Application process and forms:
  • Overseas applicants with equivalent bachelors degrees can apply to have their foreign education credentials evaluated by an evaluator approved by your local state accountancy board

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