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Barry K. Ma

Associate Professor of Economics and Finance

Associate Professor of Economics and Finance


BA University of Toronto 1979
MS Stanford University Statistics 1982
PhD Stanford University Economics 1986

Areas of Expertise:

Microeconomics, Econometrics

Selected Publications:

“A variance decomposition in the evaluation of the effects of educational policies in economic education,” (with J.H. Weiss), Applied Economic Letters, 2009, 16, 239-42.

"On the Invariance of a Mean Voter Theorem" (with J. Weiss). Journal of Economic Theory, 66 (1): 264-74, 1995.

"The Short-Run Aggregate Profit Function and the Capacity Distribution" (with L. J. Lau). Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 96 (2): 201-18, 1994.

"On Some Generalizations of a Mean Voter Theorem" (with J. Weiss). Economics Letters, 42: 185-88, 1993.

"Four Tests for the Random Walk Hypothesis: Power versus Robustness" (with J. Handa). Economics Letters, 29: 141-45, 1989.

Academic Activities:

Works in progress: "On the Representation of Preferences in a Voting Model with Finite Choice Set" and "Free-Riders and the Level of Public Good Supply Under Nash and Pareto Provisions".

Awards, Honors, etc.:

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Grant, 1985.

PSC-CUNY Research Grant, 1989-90.

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