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Theodore J. Joyce

Professor of Economics and Finance and Academic Director of the Baruch MBA Program in Healthcare Administration and Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research


Professor of Economics and Finance

and Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research

Phone: 646-312-3541
pdfCurriculum Vitae


BA University of Massachusetts Education 1976
PhD CUNY Graduate Center Economics, fields in Labor and Health 1985

Areas of Expertise:

Economics of Health and Health Care Policy

Selected Publications:

Joyce, Theodore.  2011. "The Supply-Side Economics of Abortion." New England Journal of Medicine 365(16):1466-1469.

Colman, Silvie and Ted Joyce. 2011. "Regulating Abortion: Impact on Patients and Providers in Texas." Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 30(4):775-797. Winner of the Raymond Vernon Memorial Price for the best research article in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management in 2011

Joyce, Ted. 2010. "Abortion and Crime: A Review." In The Handbook of the Economics of Crime. Bruce Benson and Paul Zimmerman, eds. (New York: Edward Elgar) pp. 452-487.

Chou, Shin-Yi, Liu, Jin-Tan, Grossman, Michael and Ted Joyce. 2010 "Parental Education and Child Health: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Taiwan."  American Economics Journal: Applied Economics. 2(1):33-61.

Joyce, Ted.  2009.  "A Simple Test of Abortion and Crime."  Review of Economics and Statistics. 91(1):112-123.

Colman, Silvie, Joyce, Ted and Robert Kaestner. 2008. "Misclassification bias in the evaluation of parental  involvement laws: a minor oversight with a major impact."  American Journal of Public Health. 98(10):1881-1885.

Joyce, T, Kaesnter, R. and S. Colman. 2006. "Changes in Abortions and Births and the Texas Parental Notification Law." New England Journal of Medicine. 354(10):1031-1038.

Academic Activities:

Director of Zicklin’s Online Learning and Evaluation, 2013 – present

Search Committee for the Dean of the: Zicklin School of Business, 2013

College Promotion and Budget Committee, 2012 – present

Professional Activities:

National WIC Association, Research Advisory Committee, 2012 – present

Editorial Board, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 2010 – present

Co-Editor, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 2007 – 2010

Awards, Honors, etc.:

Presidential Award for Excellence in Service, 2012

First Recipient of the Sidney Lirtzman Award for Excellence in Research, Teaching & Service, 2005

Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarship, 1994, 2008

Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2003

Research Grants

Principle Investigator. Association between Inter-pregnancy Interval and Maternal Health Outcomes among WIC Participants. From United States Department of Agriculture and University of California at Los Angeles to the Research Foundaton of the City University of New York. $71,734.  August, 2012- September, 2014

Principle Investigator. "Efficacy and Effectiveness of a Peer Counseling Program to Promote Breastfeeding" From the National Institute on Child Health and Human Development to the Research Foundation of the City University of New York. $160,900.  From August 6, 2012 to August 1, 2014

Principle Investigator. "Effect of New WIC Food Packages on Breastfeeding and Food Package Choices." United Stated Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Research Program to the National Bureau of Economic Research, $ 197,696, July 21, 2011 to September 30, 2013

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