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Jun "Jonathan" Wang

Professor of Finance

Professor of FinanceJun Wang

(646) 312-3507
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B.S. Fudan Univ. 1990
Ph. D Georgia State Univ. 1997

Areas of Expertise:

Corporate finance, financial markets, risk management, econometric modeling, quantitative investment analysis

Selected Publications:

Gautam Goswami, Thomas Noe and Jun Wang. (2017) Buying up the block: An experimental investigation of capturing economic rents through sequential negotiations. Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 33(1): 139-172.

Nishant Dass, Omesh Kini, Vikram Nanda, Bunyamin Onal and Jun Wang. (2014) "Board Expertise: Do Directors from Related Industries Help Bridge the Information Gap?"  Review of Financial Studies,  27(5),1533-1592.

Yrjo Koskinen, Michael Rebello and Jun Wang. (2014) Private Information and Bargaining Power in Venture Capital Financing.  Journal of Economics and Management Strategies, 23(4), 743-775.

Thomas Noe, Michael Rebello and Jun Wang. (2012) Learning to bid: The design of auctions under uncertainty and adaptation.  Game and Economic Behavior, 74(2), 620-636.

Thomas Noe, Michael Rebello and Jun Wang (2006). The evolution of security designs. Journal of Finance, 61, 2103-2135.

Thomas Noe and Jun Wang (2004). Fooling all of the people some of the time: A theory of endogenous sequencing in confidential negotiations, Review of Economic Studies 71, 855-881.

Thomas Noe, Michael Rebello and Jun Wang (2003). Corporate financing: An artificial agent-based analysis. Journal of Finance 58, 943-973 (lead article).

Thomas Noe and Jun Wang (2000). Strategic debt restructuring. Review of Financial Studies 13, 985-1016.

Professional Activities:

Ad Hoc Reviewer for the Journal of Finance, American Economics Review, Journal of Economic Theory, the Journal of Futures Markets, Multinational Finance Journal, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing.

Awards Honors etc:

Best Paper in Risk Managment Award, Financial Management Association annual meetings, 2005.

Best Paper Award, Multinational Finance Journal 1997.

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