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Jeffrey H. Weiss

Professor of Economics and Finance

Professor of Economics and Finance
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AB University of California at Berkeley 1971
MS University of Wisconsin-Madison 1975
PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison 1981

Areas of Expertise:

Public Economics, Public Finance, Public Policy, Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory

Selected Publications:

Kleinberg, N. L., Weiss, J. (2013). On Membership and Marginal Values. International Journal of Game Theory. 42: 357-373.

Kleinberg, N. L., Ma, B., Weiss, J. (2012). On Strong Independence of Allocative Efficiency from Distribution in the Theory of Public Goods. Economics Letters, 116(3), 343-345.

Kleinberg, N. L., Ma, B., Weiss, J. (2012). On a Notion of Similarity with Endowments in Public Economics. The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 12(1 (Topics)), Article 26.

Ma, B., Weiss, J. (1995). On The Invariance of a Mean Voter Theorem. Journal of Economic Theory, 66, 264-274.

Weiss, J. (1988). Is Vote-selling Desirable? Public Choice, 59, 177-194.

Weiss, J. (1986). Can Donations Reduce a Donor's Welfare? Public Choice, 47, 337-347.

Kleinberg, N., Weiss, J. (1986). The Orthogonal Decomposition of Games and an Averaging Formula for the Shapley Value. Math of Oper. Research, 117-124.

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