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Internships for Undergraduate Students

This information shows how students may obtain academic credit for their internship.

Internships can offer students extremely valuable opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. They supplement what students learn about finance and economics in their courses, and can help them define their career goals more clearly.

These guidelines explain how undergraduate students may earn academic credit for an internship.

To qualify for an internship for academic credit, a student must meet several minimum requirements. He or she must:

1. Be admitted to the Zicklin School of Business/Weissman School of Arts and Sciences;

2. Have completed 45 credits;

3. Have an overall 2.0 GPA or better;

4. Have officially declared Finance (BBA) or Economics (BBA or BA) as his or her major.

Part 1: Setting the Internship Up for Academic Credit

It takes 11 steps to find and set up an internship for academic credit. Please print a copy of this page so that you can make sure you follow all of the steps in sequence.

Steps 7 and 11 below apply only to International Students. It is extremely important for International Students to comply with the special requirements that are outlined in these steps.

1. Find the Internship

The Career Development Center (CDC) website is the best place to start. Any job requests sent to the Economics and Finance Department are immediately forwarded to the CDC.

The CDC is located in Room 2-150 in the Vertical Campus. Click here to visit their website: Internships in the Career Development Center.

Many employers require that you earn academic credit for your internship. Only students who wish to earn academic credit for their internship need to proceed further on this page.

2. Decide which course you want to enroll in

You will need to register for one of these internship courses: BUS 3001, BUS 3002, BUS 3003, FIN 5610, FIN 5611, ECO 5010, or ECO 5011. These alternatives and their requirements are explained in detail in this guide: The Internship Courses in Finance and Economics.

FIN 5610, FIN 5611, ECO 5010, and ECO 5011 are open to seniors. A maximum of six (6) credits may be taken prior to graduation.

3. Verification of Eligibility

Some employers require a letter from the College stating that you will be eligible to register for academic credit for your internship. This is only needed if the firm that has invited you for an interview specifically requests it.

Please click here to download the Verification of Eligibility form and submit it for signature by one of the internship coordinators. To do this, bring your completed form to the Internship office of the Department of Economics and Finance, Room VC 10-220B.

4. Obtain an "Offer of Employment" Letter

As part of his or her offer to you of an internship, your employer should provide you with a written "Offer of Employment" Letter. This should include:

  • Your supervisor's name, title, and phone number
  • The firm's name and mailing address
  • The start and end dates of the internship (International students, please see step 11 below.)
  • The number of hours per week
  • If paid, the rate of pay
  • A brief description of your responsibilities and duties as an intern. These duties shall not include any cold calling, and are not to be confined to administrative and clerical work.

5. Complete Our "Internship Agreement" Form

Our "Internship Agreement" form outlines the various responsibilities of your employer, the College, and you as a student intern. To start this, please click here to download this form: Internship Agreement. Complete form, sign it, obtain your supervisor's signature and bring Agreement to Internship Office (VC 10-220B).

Note that the Internship Agreement requires three signatures:

  1. Yours. By signing this Agreement, you agree to follow all of the requirements of the internship.
  2. Your supervisor’s. By signing, he or she agrees to abide by the terms of the Agreement.
  3. The Faculty Internship Coordinator's. He or she will sign after you and your employer have already signed it.

Some employers, including Merrill Lynch, have their own internship agreement form. In these cases, you should fill their form out too, and submit it along with ours.

6. Complete the "Request Permission to Register" Form

In order to register for your internship course, you will need Departmental permission. To obtain this, please download this form: Request Permission to Register, and complete it except for the faculty Internship Coordinator's section.

7. If You Are an International Student, Complete the "CPT" Form

If you are an International Student, you must also complete this special form: Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Form. This form is administered by the International Student Service Center (ISSC) and reflects requirements imposed by the federal government.

Please complete this form except for the faculty Internship Coordinator's section.

8. Submit Your Papers to the Faculty Internship Coordinators

You must submit to the faculty Internship Coordinator for review or signature:

(1) The "Offer of Employment" Letter;

(2) Our "Internship Agreement" Form;

(3) Your employer's own "Internship Agreement," if there is one;

(4) The "Request Permission to Register" Form;

(5) If you are an International Student, the CPT Form.

9. Register for Your Internship Course

Once you have picked up the signed "Request Permission to Register" Form, you may finally go to the Office of the Registrar to register. Students must register in person, not through e-Sims. Please consult Academic Calendar and Due Dates (Office of Registrar) for "Last Day to Register for Internship Courses."

10. Do you need a letter to your employer stating that you have registered for an internship course for credit?

If so, please bring proof of registration for academic credit along with Letter of Credit Form to the Internship office Room VC 10-220B.

If you will be working for Merrill Lynch, they have their own form for this purpose. Please leave a copy of your proof of registration for academic credit along with Merrill Lynch's form in the Internship office.

A faculty internship coordinator will sign it and will mail the letter directly to the supervisor at the address you write on the form.

11. A Special Requirement for International Students

You need to take these documents and completed forms to the ISSC :

(1) A copy of your "Offer of Employment" Letter;

(2) A copy of your "Internship Agreement" Form;

(3) Proof of registration for academic credit; and

(4) The CPT Form.

The ISSC will process these documents and inform you directly of any problems.

International students must understand that their internships have to coincide with the class schedule for the semester. For example, for the Spring 2011 semester, the internship must begin on (or very close to) January 28 and end on (or very close to) May 18, 2011.


You have successfully registered your internship for academic credit.

Best of luck with your internship!

Part 2: Academic Reporting Requirements

Student's Academic Reporting Requirements

Students must provide several written reports to the faculty Internship Coordinators. The requirements are slightly different for the one-credit internship courses (BUS 3001, 3002, and 3003) than for the three-credit courses (FIN 5610 and 5611, and ECO 5010 and 5011).

After you have registered, you will have access to the Blackboard site for your course. Please be sure to enter that site to find the academic reporting requirements, and note the various deadlines very carefully. Your final course grade will depend on your completion of those reports on a timely basis.

Employer's Confidential Evaluation of the Student's Performance

Please make sure that you give a copy of the Employer's Evaluation form to your supervisor when you have finished your internship. Your supervisor needs to mail the completed form directly to the faculty Internship Coordinators at the address shown on the form, or fax to Internship Coordinators at 646-312-3451.

You will not be given a grade for your internship course -- and therefore cannot earn credit for it -- until this form has been received by the faculty Internship Coordinators.

You may want to request a separate meeting with your supervisor to get his or her feedback on your performance.

Student's Overall Evaluation of Internship

Please complete this evaluation including answering questions on page 4 in either essay or report style. The form will be emailed to you prior to the end of the semester and should be returned before the last day of classes.

Faculty Internship Coordinators

Professor Zhaojun Huang
Room VC 10-220B
Office Telephone: 646-312-3528
Fax: 646-312-3451

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