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We offer a variety of programs tailored to your career needs, each helping you move from one level to the next. This includes:

  • Undergraduate programs;
  • Master of Science, a focused program providing the tools to succeed as a marketer;
  • MBA, a comprehensive program to prepare executives, and Executive MBA, designed for individuals already in executive positions;
  • Post-Master certificates, for those already holding a Master degree who seek further discipline-specific skills.
Undergraduate Programs

Our BBA programs are designed to provide you with a well-rounded education, specializing either in Marketing or International Business.

  • The BBA in Marketing will teach you how to develop a product, pricing, distribution, and promotion strategy for a brand. We have four Tracks within the major: Marketing Management, Advertising and Marketing Communications, International Marketing, and Digital Marketing.

    Starting Spring 2016
    : A Marketing Analytics track has been added to the BBA-Marketing major. Courses are already available. As the New York Times writes, the median entry-level salary for data scientists is $91,000. Our new track provides students with the ideal blend of analytical and business knowledge to make sound data-based decisions. See our brochure for the Marketing Analytics track.

  • The BBA in International Business will help you understand the complexities of the global economy. Students will live in a foreign country, know a foreign language, and work on international projects. They will become experts in a functional business area.

  • Marketing Minors for Zicklin students:

    Marketing Minor: If you take three MKT courses, in addition to MKT 3000, you can obtain a minor in Marketing.

    Marketing Analytics Minor for Zicklin students (starting Spring 2016): Take three of the following courses and get a minor in this high-demand area: MKT 4561 (required for minor), MKT 4555, MKT 4123, MKT 4963, or CIS/STA 3920.


Master Programs

Two Master Programs provide you with the tools to move to the next level in your career, depending on your goals. See our Master Programs microsite for the most up-to-date description of our programs, career management services, and information about our alumni network.

Marketing Levelup

The Master of Science (MS) in Marketing provides you with the skills you need to advance your career as a marketer. Baruch offers a broad range of world-class courses to prepare you for positions in media planning, communications strategy, account management, corporate (digital) marketing, and marketing research and analytics.

The MBA program provides you with the knowledge to help you succeed in executive positions, where you need to have skills spanning different functional areas. It consists of a total of 57 credits, including 12 credits to obtain a major in Marketing. You can specialize in International Business or in Marketing, including a track in Marketing Data Analytics.

In addition to our Master Programs microsite, the following Zicklin website page offers an excellent overview of the Master of Science in Marketing and MBA degree requirements.

The Executive MBA

The Zicklin Executive MBA is a 20-month program designed for today's high–potential executives, business leaders and career professionals who want to make a difference in their organizations, in their businesses, and in the world at large.

Post-Master Certificates

If you already have a Master degree and want to acquire Marketing or International Business expertise and career readiness, you can select 5 courses in either area, in consultation with a faculty advisor, and receive a Certificate. For more information and application procedures, see Post Master's Certificate.

PhD Program

PhD in Marketing will prepare you for a research position in academia. The doctoral program in Marketing is under auspices of both CUNY's Graduate Center and Baruch College.

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