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BBA in International Business

Baruch College has recognized international business as an important area of study for over 60 years. The International Business major builds on that history and provides students with a comprehensive understanding of international business principles as they apply it in a business setting, expertise in a functional area (marketing or finance) within traditional business disciplines, appreciation and awareness of foreign cultures and practices in both a business and social environment, knowledge of a second language to conduct business in a foreign country, and practical business experience in an international environment, i.e., the practicum project in the capstone course and possibly an international internship. You can find additional FAQs (and answers) on the FAQ page.

The IB major requires an application to join. If you are going to be eligible to join the Zicklin School of Business by fall 2017 and wish to declare International Business as your major, apply here. The application period for the fall 2017 semester will close on August 15th, 2017.

The students that graduate from this program will be some of the most well rounded students because they have likely lived in a foreign country, know a foreign language, worked on international projects, become an expert in a functional business area, and meet the requirements of a Baruch BBA degree.

The Department of Marketing and International Business coupled with the Departments of Management, Finance, Law, Political Science and Communications offer a wide variety of courses to meet the specific career orientations of students interested in many facets of the international business process.

For a major in International Business, students are required to take 21 credits of international-related courses (four core and three electives), a three course minor in either Finance or Marketing, and a liberal arts minor in a language. Students are also expected to spend a semester studying abroad in either the spring semester of the junior year or the fall semester of the senior year.

International Business Major

Required Courses (12 credits)

MKT 3400
International Business Principles 3 cr
IBS 4200 Foreign Markets, Cultures, and Institutions 3 cr
MGT 4880 Management of Multinational Corporations 3 cr
IBS 5750 International Competitiveness 3 cr

Three additional courses to be chosen from the following (9 credits)

MKT 4401
International Trade Financing 3 cr
MKT 4410
International Trade Operations 3 cr
MKT 4460 International Supply Chain Management 3 cr
COM 3069 Intercultural Communications 3 cr
LAW 3111 Law and International Business 3 cr
POL 3103 Political Economy 3 cr
POL 3344 The United Nations in World Politics
3 cr
IBS 3000 Innovation, Technology and the Global Enterprise 3 cr
IBS 4093 Special Topics 3 cr
IBS 5000 Independent Study 3 cr

Minor in Marketing Required Courses (9 Credits)

MKT 3605 Consumer Behavior 3 cr
MKT 4420 International Marketing 3 cr
MKT 5750 Marketing Strategy 3 cr


Minor in Finance Required Courses (9 Credits)

FIN 3610 Corporate Finance 3 cr
FIN 3710 Investments 3 cr
ECO 3250 International Economics 3 cr

Foreign Language

The International Business major requires students to graduate with a foreign language proficiency. There are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Take 2 courses at the 3000 level and 1 course at the 4000 level (i.e., capstone class) in a foreign language offered at Baruch.
  2. Pass a written and oral test in a foreign language, administered by the department. Students who achieve the score of "advanced low" on this test are considered to have met the requirement.

International Experience

The International Business major requires students to have experience living and studying in another country. Students are expected to spend either the spring of the junior year or the fall of the senior year studying abroad, taking coursework towards their major and other requirements. See the Study Abroad Office website for information on how to apply, destinations, and financial aid for study abroad.

Students who are unable to study abroad for a semester for a valid reason are expected to work with the Major Coordinator to complete the international experience learning objectives in an alternate way.



Sarah Demetz

Coordinator, Undergraduate International Business Major

Weissman Center for International Business

137 E. 25th Street, 8th Floor

646 312 2073


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