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Program justification and overview

Is there growing interest at Baruch in the area International Business?

Yes, over the past three years Baruch has experienced a dramatic increase in interest in the international business area. Three years ago we introduced a co-curricular program, the Global Business Certificate Program (GSC), for undergraduates. The GSC program was created to enhance student knowledge of intercultural business theory, international economics and international relations. It is unique in the entire City University of New York system. The functional objective of the GSC program is to provide a platform for organizing and broadening the range of globalization and intercultural training for Baruch students. This program is designed to provide high-achieving students with access to programming that would otherwise not be available to them, and by so doing contribute to and complement their academic success. Despite a lengthy application process including an application, essay, transcript, references letter, the GSC program attracted over two hundred students.


Is the Baruch International Business major unique at CUNY?

We believe the broad-based international business education associated with the proposed International Business major at Baruch cannot be obtained in any other college within the CUNY system or any public college or university within the metro region.  For decades, Baruch has had international renowned scholars teaching and publishing in the international business area.


What are the learning goals of the International Business BBA Degree?

  1. Comprehensive understanding of international business principles as they apply in a business setting.
  2. Expertise in a functional area (initially marketing or finance) within traditional business disciplines.
  3. Appreciation and awareness of foreign cultures and practices in both a business and social environment.
  4. Knowledge of a second language to understand the complexity of a foreign culture and to conduct business there.
  5. Practical work experience in the international business environment.


Why is the IB major a cohort experience?

A cohort experience is planned and will be provided in core courses to maximize intra-group learning and lifelong networking possibilities. Students will be admitted once a year, in the fall. Also, each year’s class will be keep relatively small, approximately 50 students, to ensure comprehensive learning.

Also, we believe that cohort experience will create a tight bond among students and between the students and the college. We also think it is important to track graduates from their very first employment experience and plan to maintain an on-line data base which shows all graduate’s current employers. These loose network ties are critical to recent graduates gaining their first jobs as well as graduates networking to obtain their second and third jobs. There is no better recommendation than a successful program graduate recommending someone from the program they graduated from. Feedback from our graduates will provide a vital information loop to insure both continued relevance and continuous improvement.

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