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Moshe Banai

Professor of Management

Prof. Moshe Banai

Professor of Management

(646) 312-3631


BA Ben Gurion University Behavioral Sciences
MSc Tel Aviv University Organizational Behavior
PhD London Business School Management/Organizational Behavior

Areas of Expertise:

International Management, Management of Multinational Corporations, International Human Resource Management, Cross Cultural Behavior, Organization's Strategy and Design, Management Development, Management in Transitional Economies

Selected Publications:

Banai, Moshe, Stefanidis, Abraham, and Shetach, Ana. 2015. "Negotiators' Attitudes toward Formal Contracts: A Two-Country Analysis." Thunderbird International Business Review, 57(5): 391-409.

Stefanidis, Abraham and Banai, Moshe. 2014. "Ethno-Cultural Considerations in Negotiation: Pretense, Deception and Lies in the Greek workplace." Business Ethics: A European Review, 23(2): 197–217.

Banai, Moshe, Stefanidis Abraham, Shetach, Ana and, Ozbek, M. Ferhet. 2014. "Attitudes toward Ethically Questionable Negotiation Tactics: A Two-Country Study." Journal of Business Ethics, 123(4): 669-685.

Banai, Moshe and Tulimieri, Philip. 2013. "Knowledge, Skills and Personality of the Effective Business Consultant." Journal of Management Development, 33(4): 886 – 900.

Stefanidis, Abraham, Banai, Moshe, and Richter, Ulf. 2013. "Attitudes towards Questionable Negotiation Tactics in Peru." International Journal of Human Resource Management, 24(4): 826-852.

Banai, Moshe. 2012. "Cultural, Political and Economic Antecedents of Country Risk in 62 Countries." Journal of Financial Transformation, 34: 89-98.

Erkus, Ahmet, and Banai, Moshe. 2011. "Attitudes towards Questionable Negotiation Tactics in Turkey." International Journal of Conflict Management, 22(3): 239 - 263.

Banai, Moshe. 2010/11. "From Comparative Management to Supranational Management." International Studies of Management and Organization, 40(4): Winter.

Academic Activities:

Editor, International Studies of Management and Organization, Taylor & Francis Group.

Researcher of:(1) International and comparative studies of management in domestic and multinational corporations in America, Asia, and Europe. (2) Comparative international study in transitional economies, investigating the impact of the transition from centrally planned economy to free market economy on people's behavior in organizations, (3) International and comparative interpersonal negotiation.

Visiting Professor in Alpen Adria University, Klagenfurt, Danube University, Krems, Salzburg University for Applied Sciences, Salzburg, and Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria); Kiev National University for Technology and Design, Kiev (Ukraine); Wissenschafttszentrum Berlin and Berlin School of Economics and Law, Berlin (Germany); University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Beijing (China); Tel Aviv International School of Management and Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, (Israel); Kazan State University, Kazan (Russia); University of Sydney, Sydney (Australia); Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, San Geram (Puerto Rico), Almaty Management University, Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Professional Activities:

Consultant to domestic and international corporations.

Director, Kazan-CUNY Cooperation Project.

Personnel Director, Bank Leumi, Great Britain.

Awards, Honors, etc.:

Fulbright Scholar Award to Austria (2013)

Fulbright Senior Specialist to Austria (2008)

Honorary Professor at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (2006)

Fulbright Senior Specialist to Ukraine (2006)

Dictionary of International Biography (2005)

Who’s Who in the World (2004)

Who's Who in Business Higher Education (2003)

Zicklin School Teaching Excellence Award (2001)

Who's Who in the World (1997)

Who's Who in Higher Education (1993)

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