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Jean J. Boddewyn

Emeritus Professor of International Business

Emeritus Professor of International Business

(212) 564-3490


BBA University of Louvain (Belgium)
Commercial Engineering 1951
MBA University of Oregon Business Administration
PhD University of Washington Business Administration 1964

Areas of Expertise:

Reciprocity as a Mode of Entry, Business Political Behavior, International Business-Government Relations, International Public Affairs, Regulation and Self-Regulation of Advertising Around the World, Nonmarket Strategies, Internalization of Societal Institutions, and the Provision of Collective Goods by MNEs in Emerging Markets.

Selected Publications:

"Integrating Social and Political Strategies as Forms of Reciprocal Exchange for the Analysis of Corporate Governance Modes," British Journal of Management, forthcoming, Fall 2017 – with Peter Buckley.

"History of the AIB Fellows: The Deanship of Alan Rugman (2011-2014)." In: T.C. Ambos, B. Ambos and J. Birkenshaw (Eds.), Perspectives on Headquarters-Subsidiary Relationships in the Contemporary MNC. Volume 17 of the Research in Global Strategic Management Series. Bingley, UK: Emerald Goup, 2016: 331-368

"A Manifesto for the Widening of Internalization Theory, Being in Reply to Hillemann and Verbeke," The Multinational Business Review, 2016, 24(1): 2-7 – with Peter Buckley as first author.

"International Business-Government Relations Research 1945-2015: Concepts, Typologies, Theories and Methodologies," Journal of World Business, 51(1), 2016: 10-22.

"The Internalization of Societal Failures by Multinational Enterprises," Multinational Business Review, 23(3), 2015: 170-187 – with Peter J. Buckley as first author.

"Legal System Contingencies as Determinants of WOFS Political Tie Intensity," Journal of World Business, 50, 2015: 342-356 – with George White and R. M. N. Galang, and Jean Boddewyn as second author.

"Using Organization Structure to Buffer Political Ties in Emerging Markets:  A Case Study," Organization Studies, 33(1), 2012: 71-95 – with Marleen Dieleman as first author.

"Global Strategy and the Collaboration of MNEs, NGOs and Governments for the Provisioning of Collective Goods in Emerging Markets," Global Strategy Journal, 1(3-4), November, 2011: 345-361 – with Jonathan Doh as second author.

"The Control of ‘Sex in Advertising’ in France", Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 30(2), Fall 2011: 220-225 – with Esther Loubradou as second author.

"Introduction to Festschrift in Honor of Jean J. Boddewyn," International Studies of Management & Organization, 40(4), Winter 2010-11: 4-9.

"International-Business Research: Beyond Déjà Vu," Management International Review, July 1999, 39(2)(Special Issue): 161-184 – with Gopal Iyer as second author.

"The Internationalization of the Public-Affairs Function in U.S. Multinational Enterprises," Business & Society, 46(2), 2007: 136-173.

"Understanding and Advancing the Concept of 'Nonmarket'," Business & Society, 42 (3), 2003, 297-327.

"The Control of Advertising." In International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Elsevier, 2002.

"American Marketing in the European Union: Standardization's Uneven Progress 1973-1993". European Journal of Marketing, 29 (12), 1995 – with Robert Grosse as second author.

"International-Business Political Behavior: New Theoretical Dimensions," Academy of Management Review, 19 (1), 1994: 119-143 – with Thomas Brewer.

"Political Aspects of MNE Theory," Journal of International Business Studies, 18(3), 1988: 341-363.

"Service Multinationals: Conceptualization, Measurement and Theory," Journal of International Business Studies, 16(3), 1986 – with M. Halbrich and A.C. Perry.

"Advertising Self-regulation: Private Government and Agent of Public Policy," Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Spring, 1985: 129-141

Global Perspectives on Advertising Self-Regulation. Quorum Books, 1992.

Academic Activities:

Founder and Editor, International Studies of Management & Organization, 1971-2006

Briefings of U.S. personnel posted in Western Europe.

Reviewer for eleven academic journals.

Professional Activities:

Consulting on the regulation of advertising for pharmaceutical and tobacco companies as well as for U.S. Congressional Committees and the World Health Organization.

Awards, Honors, etc.:

Fulbright Scholar (1951-1952).

Former President of the Academy of International Business (1992-1994) and Past Dean of the AIB Fellows (2005-2008).

Fellow of the Academy of International Business (1980), the Academy of Management (1974) and the International Academy of Management (1982).

Baruch College President's Award for Excellence in Research (1994).

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