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Donald H. Schepers

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Management

Donald Schepers

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Management


BA St. Mary's University 1974
MDiv St. Michael's Faculty of Theology, University of Toronto 1982
MBA Tulane University 1995
MS University of Arizona Administration 1997
PhD University of Arizona Business Administration 1998


Areas of Expertise:

Networks, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Corporate Codes of Ethics, Sustainability, Ethical Decision Making, Socially Responsible Investing

Selected Publications:

Sethi, S. P., & Schepers, D. H. (2011). United Nations Global Compact: An Assessment of Ten Years of Progress, Achievements, and Shortfalls. In S. P. Sethi (Ed.), Globalization and Self-Regulation: The Crucial Role that Corporate Codes of Conduct Play in International Business (pp. 249-275). New York: Palgrave McMillan.
Schepers, D. H. (2011). “The Equator Principles: A Promise in Progress?” Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business and Society. 11(1): 90-106.
Schepers, D. H. (2010). “Challenges to Legitimacy at the Forest Stewardship Council,” Journal of Business Ethics, 92: 279-290.
Laud, R., & Schepers, D.H. (2009). "Beyond transparency: Information overload and a model for intelligibility". Business & Society Review, 114: 365-391.
Schepers, D. H. (2006). "The Impact of NGO Network Conflict on the CSR Strategies of Multinational Corporations". Business & Society, 45: 254-281.
Schepers, D. H. (2006). "Three proposed perspectives of attitude toward business’ ethical responsibilities and their implications for cultural comparison". Business & Society Review, 111/1, Winter 2006. 15-36.
Schepers, D. H., & Gardberg, N. A. (2003). "On the side of the angels. Case study of Enron culture and financial mechanisms". Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, 5/2: 166-184.
Schepers, D. H. (2003). "A critique of social investing’s diversity measures". Business and Society Review, 108: 487-508.
Schepers, D. H. (2003). "Machiavellianism, profit, and the dimensions of ethical judgments: A study of interactions". Journal of Business Ethics, 42: 339-352.
Schepers, D. H., & Sethi, S.P. (2003). "Do socially responsible funds actually deliver what they promise? The credibility gap between the promise and performance of socially responsible funds". Business and Society Review, 108, 11-32.

Professional Activities:

Director, Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity, Baruch College (2009 - 2012)
ZCCI serves as a forum for discussion of a broad range of contemporary issues confronting US corporations and capital markets. The Center’s concerns include: transparency of corporate reporting, corporate governance, examining legal and ethical corporate behavior, spotlighting executive accountability, corporate responsibility in global business development, risk assessment and amelioration, resolving conflicting corporate stakeholder interests, and evaluating the role of governmental regulation.

Ad hoc reviewer: Journal of Business Ethics, The CASE Journal, Business Ethics: A European Review, Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, Journal of Business Venturing.

Member and conference reviewer: Academy of Management, Society of Business Ethics, International Association of Business and Society.

Awards, Honors, etc.:

Recipient, Abraham J. Briloff Prize for Business Ethics (2002, 2008)

Dean's Recognition for Research Excellence (2004, 2005, 2006)

Baruch College Award for Teaching Excellence (2002)


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