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Valerie J. Watnick

Professor of Law

Professor of Law


BS Bucknell University Accounting 1985
JD Cornel Law School 1988

Selected Publications:

V. Watnick, "PCBs in Schools and Corporate Responsibility for Remediation: Yorktown Central School District v. Monsanto Company," 33(2) University of California, Davis, Environs, spring 2010, pp. 231-73.

"Pesticides and Children: Unwitting Participants in Experimentation," symposium issue, by invitation only, 13 Cardozo Journal of Law and Gender 801 (2008), pp 801-826.

"Whistleblower Protections Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act: A Primer and a Critique," 12(5) Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law 831 (2007), pp. 831-880 (lead article).

"Our Toxics Regulatory System and Why Risk Assessment Does Not Work: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals As a Case In Point," Utah Law Review (2004(4)), pp.1305-33.

"The Electronic Formation of Contracts and The Common Law ‘Mailbox Rule," 56(1) Baylor Law Review (2004), pp. 175-203.

"Federal Preemption of Tort Claims Under FIFRA: The Erosion of a Defense," 36(2) University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform (2003), pp 419-456.

Academic Activities:

Chairperson, Law Department, Summer 2012-Present

Zicklin School of Business Learning Assurance Committee, Fall 2011-Present

Faculty Senate’s Educational Policy Committee, Fall 2011-Present.

Freshman Text Selection Committee, Fall 2006-Fall 2008, Spring 2010-Present.

Advisor to students seeking graduate scholarships, Spring 2009-present

Co-Chair, President’s Standing Committee on Human Resources, Fall 2004-Present.

Provost’s Committee to examine Executive Education Programs, Spring 2012

Pre-Law Society Summer Intensive, Guest Lecturer on Contracts, Spring 2012

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Fall 2001-Spring 2003, Fall 2004-Spring 2012.

Search Committee, Counsel to the President, Fall 2010-Spring 2011.

Co-Chair, Zicklin School of Business Executive Committee, Fall 2009-Spring 2010.

Steering Committee, the Middle States Review, Baruch College, Fall 2008-Spring 2010.

Co-Chair, Middle States Sub-committee on Development and Assessment of Educational Programs, Fall 2008-Spring 2010.

Member, Zicklin School of Business Executive Committee, Fall 2006-Spring 2010.

Summer Seminar on Teaching and Active Learning, June 2007 (ongoing)

Awards, Honors, etc.:

Recipient, Summer Research Award, Zicklin School of Business, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Zicklin School of Business Teaching Excellence Award, 2004

Zicklin Fellow in Law, 2000-2002

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