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Financial Worries

Financial Worries

Can the application fee be waived?

We are sorry, but the application fee cannot be waived. Your application will not be processed without it.

Can I work full-time while I complete the program?

Because the program is full-time and day-time, most students do not work while completing the program. We do offer research assistantships, and there are many opportunities for adjunct teaching during the summer months.

How do I apply for financial aid?

All students in the Ph.D. Program in Business are automatically considered for financial aid.

Application for financial assistance can be downloaded from

How likely am I to get financial aid?

All students in the Ph.D. Program in Business who need financial assistance receive it.

What is the tuition for the Ph.D. Program in Business?

Please visit the Graduate Center web site for detail information about the tuition and fee schedules at Our financial aid package comes with a minimum of 4 years of financial aid.

What kinds of financial aid are available?

Most of the financial assistance given to our students is given in the form of research assistantships, which range up to $25,000 per academic year. In order to receive these assistantships students work 15 hours per week for a professor in their area of specialization.

There are also several fellowships available from the Graduate Center. We cover tuition. Summer support is also available.

Second, third, and fourth year students combine teaching with half-time research assistantships to make up their financial support. There are also many opportunities available as adjunct lecturers during the summer.

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