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Transfer Credits / Degrees

Transfer Credits / Degrees

I already completed my Master's. How many credits would the program be for me?

Credits may be transferable for students who have received their Master's degree in a related discipline. Which courses and how many credits are to be transferred are up to the discretion of the executive officer and will not exceed 30 credits.

How many credits is the program?

The program consists of a total of 60 credits of course work, plus the dissertation.

Does it matter what my BA is in?

There is no preference given toward students who took their BA in business related fields. The program is open to students who have taken their undergraduate degrees in all areas of natural sciences, social sciences, and liberal arts. The only significant difference is that students who took their undergraduate degrees in unrelated fields may have to complete other prerequisites that are not credited toward the degree.

Do I need a graduate degree to apply to the program?

You do not need a graduate degree to apply. There is no preference given toward students who have already taken their MBA.

Is there a work experience requirement?

There is no work experience requirement for the Ph.D. Program in Business.

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