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Academic Policies


Students are required to complete the Ph.D. program in seven years, if they enter with a relevant master's degree, or in eight years, if they enter without a master's.

Students must maintain full-time registration (defined as twelve credits per semester) during their period of course work. Dropping a course, which must be done before the final examination period, requires the permission of the executive officer and the specialization coordinator.

Students may apply for a leave of absence from doctoral study by writing to the executive officer detailing the reason for the request, but they cannot take more than four one-semester leaves during their program. The period of authorized leave is not included within the time limit for completion of the degree.

Transfer Credits

Beginning students can transfer six credits of previous graduate work. Transfer credits may apply toward the degree, provided the courses were completed with a grade of B or higher within an appropriate period preceding the time of application.

En-Route MBA

A student in good standing is eligible for an MBA after completing 45 credits of course work including at least one course in accounting, finance, marketing, and organizational behavior and passing the Preliminary Research Paper. The student may apply for the degree en-route by writing to the executive officer and requesting it. The degree is a Baruch College MBA. As such it requires a 3.0 grade point average.


Upon completion of course work and the Second Examination, a student is advanced to candidacy upon submission of a form that specifies the dissertation title and committee membership, and is signed by the advisor, the coordinator, and the executive officer.

Academic Progress: Each student's progress is monitored every year by the executive officer and specialization coordinator. Students are expected to maintain good academic standing and make steady progress toward the degree, as measured in course credits attempted and completed, length of time in the program, and grades earned. Students must have at least a B average to graduate.

The Graduate Center has several different standards that define satisfactory progress. Students who fall short of these standards will not be allowed to register until the executive officer clears the student's registration. Specifically,

    • Students cannot have more than two outstanding grades,
    • Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0,
    • Students must complete the First Examination prior to completion of 45 credits of coursework, and finally,
    • Students must complete their degrees within 7 years (8 if they have no masters degree).

Grading System

Students are expected to maintain an average of B throughout the program. An incomplete grade (INC) must be resolved within two semesters. If not done, unresolved incomplete grades will appear permanently on student records as incomplete (INP) and accrue no credit. Students with more than two temporary incompletes are not considered to be making satisfactory progress toward the degree and cannot take the First Examination.

Termination from the Program

Students, who violate generally acceptable standards of personal or academic behavior, who exceed the time limit set by the university for earning the degree, or whose academic performance fails to meet the university's standards, may be terminated from the program by the executive officer upon recommendation of the Executive Committee.

The student has the right to appear before the Executive Committee of the program in support of his or her retention. The student may, within fifteen instructional days of the decision, appeal the Executive Committee's ruling by writing to the Provost of the Graduate Center.

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