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Reimbursement Policy

Travel Reimbursement Policy

The Doctoral Program in Business is committed to supporting its Ph.D. students in various academic related traveling: this includes conference presentations; doctoral consortium; one recruiting trip; and program related traveling. Our priority is to support major conference travel when the doctoral student is the presenter. Ultimately, the reimbursement depends on the availability of funds and therefore we are able to support only a portion of the travel.

Before the PhD Program office will approve any expenditure, the student must acknowledge that they have read and will comply with these rules. These rules have been put in place by CUNY and not our department, failure to supply the required supporting documentation will result in delays and/or non-payment. Download the agreement

Students MUST include, both Baruch College and CUNY Graduate Center affiliation when they submit their manuscripts for conferences in order to be considered for reimbursement. The Executive Officer WILL NOT approve the reimburstment if both affiliations are not included.

Prior to any travel the student must first get written approval from their area coordinator; the student must supply an email to the PhD program stating that they approve/agree to support the travel. We limit funds to $800. Generally we approve trips to doctoral consortium, job hunting and the major conference in their field of study.

We generally do not support poster board appearances, rather we want the exposure of a student presenting in the main forum. International travel outside of North America does not automatically get a higher support level.

For all persons traveling and want to be reimbursed via Baruch held funds, the following is required to be submitted:


  • Travel authorization form – completed in full and signed by the traveler and department head approving the trip. This Means: If the PhD Program is picking up the tab and you have preapproval from your area coordinator the EO, Joseph Weintrop will need to sign off on this form.  Leslie will provide the account number of the funding source that must also be included on the form for the amount approved.
  • Air / Train fare expense -  travel agenda / transportation confirmation that shows the steps of travel, cost breakdown and total amount paid.  It is also mandatory for the boarding passes to also be submitted. If you use electronic boarding passes, use them for trips that we are not paying for.
  • Lodging expense – Actual detailed hotel receipt showing the total amount of expense and breakdown of each day of the stay. Room service and alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed
  • Cab fare expense - all receipts for each fare.
  • Meals – Detailed receipts showing all items purchased for each meal. Again alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed so please do not include those in your request. Similarly if you share a meal with a friend YOU MUST detail which meal you consumed, you will only get reimbursed for the amount you consumed. (To make life easier we suggest you request separate checks)
  • Conference brochure - Copy of the conference brochure and/ event information highlighting your involvement in the conference or verifying your attendance (the page where your name appears)
  • Credit Card/Bank Statements –A copy of the credit card or bank statement(s) highlighting the charges and method of payment must be included in order for your request to be honored. If you pay for things in cash the receipt must indicate that. If you use someone else’s credit card e.g. a friend, sibling, parent/guardian or spouse and the credit card statement is not in your name your request will be rejected. ALL documents must match the name and address of the traveler.
  • Original Receipts all receipts must show method of payment and the name of the person traveling on the receipt and/or invoice. If it is not on the receipt/invoice, additional documentation will be required to verify that the person requesting reimbursement is the actual person who incurred the expense. Again if you pay for things in cash the receipt must indicate that.


Basic Guidelines for Purchasing Under CUNYFirst:

  • ALL purchases must be PRE-APPROVED. This is true whether you are purchasing goods for the office, services, or food for a meeting. You as an individual can NOT procure goods and services directly from a vendor without first obtaining approval from the purchasing department. If you purchase without pre-approval you run the risk of not being reimbursed. Read the full guidelines
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