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    • Special Focus Awards & Fellowships
    • Distinguished Scholars Dissertation Fellowships
    • Eligibility Requirements
    • Application Procedures
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Randolph L. Braham Dissertation Award,
an award for dissertation-level students whose doctoral research is in the area of Jewish, Eastern European, or Holocaust-related studies, was established by Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Political Science Randolph L. Braham, who directs the Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies. Award amount: $10,000.

Ralph Bunche Dissertation Fellowship, established in honor of the late Nobel Laureate by the Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, is for a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or foreign national who is an advanced social science doctoral candidate working on areas that preoccupied Ralph Bunche, especially the United Nations and multilateralism, international politics, African and Middle Eastern affairs, U.S. foreign policy, race relations, and human rights. The recipient may be in residence at the Ralph Bunche Institute during the academic year and participate in ongoing events. Award amount: $10,000.

Mario Capelloni Dissertation Fellowships, established by the late Nelly Gabel Capelloni, with the help of estate executor Myron Glucksman, in honor of her husband, is for students of high academic merit who show exceptional promise in their field of study. Award amount: $18,000 plus in-state tuition.

Carell Dissertation Fellowship, was established by Monroe Carell, Jr. for students of high academic merit and financial need who plan to pursue careers with limited earnings expectations. Applicant must have on file a financial aid form for the fellowship year. Award amount: $20,000.

Lane Cooper Dissertation Fellowship (contingent on renewal of funding) is co-sponsored by the CUNY Academy for the Humanities and Sciences, whose executive director, Professor Henry Wasser, directs the selection procedure. The fellowship is for a student in the humanities who shows promise as a scholar and teacher. Award amount varies annually from $8,000 to $17,000. Contact Professor Henry Wasser ( x7944, Room 3301) if you wish to apply for this fellowship.

William Randolph Hearst Dissertation is to aid a student who is African-American or Latino (citizen or permanent resident) in completing the dissertation. Award amount: $8,000 plus in-state tuition.

MAGNET Dissertation Fellowships are established through the Educational Opportunity and Diversity Program to aid outstanding African-American and Latino doctoral students (citizens or permanent residents) in completing the dissertation. Award amount: $18,000 plus in-state tuition.

Mellon Dissertation Fellowships is supported by the Mellon Foundation and sponsored by the Center for the Humanities, which directs the selection process. The theme and guidelines for this year's fellowship will be available in December at Award amount: $18,000.

Carole & Morton Olshan Dissertation Fellowship is for a dissertation-level student from any program who expects to complete the dissertation during the award year. Award amount: $15,000 plus in-state tuition.

Athena Pollis Fellowship in Human Rights was established by Professor Adamantia Pollis for an outstanding Political Science Ph.D. student whose dissertation involves international, comparative, or theoretical human rights issues or who wishes to intern at a human rights NGO (non-governmental organization). Preference will be given to applicants of color or from other countries. Selection will be made by the Political Science program. Award amount: $10,000.

Harold M. Proshansky Dissertation Fellowship is named in honor of the second president of The Graduate Center, who pioneered the study of Environmental Psychology. The award is for an outstanding student whose dissertation addresses the human condition in urban settings, with a focus on New York City. Award amount: $10,000 plus in-state tuition.

Rose Kfar Rose Dissertation Award (contingent on renewal of funding) is named for the donor, a Holocaust survivor who is a graduate of the Chemistry program and has established this award for an outstanding Chemistry student to be selected by the program. Award amount: $5,000.

Andrew Silk Dissertation Award is named in honor of this journalist who wrote about oppressed peoples of the world. It is awarded to a student whose dissertation proposal focuses on people suffering economic hardship, social discrimination, or political repression. Award amount: $5,000.

Martin M. Spiaggia Dissertation Award is named in honor of the donor and is for students of high academic merit who can demonstrate financial need. Applicants must have on file a financial aid form for the award year. Award amount: $4,500.

Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Dissertation Proposal Award, named for the noted historian and professor emeritus, recognizes an outstanding proposal for research into historical aspects of a topic involving America's past, present, or future. All applications appropriate to the topic will be considered for this award. Award amount: $1,000


The following fellowships are open to qualified students in all disciplines. Several unnamed fellowships (Dissertation Year Fellowships) are available as well. Award amount: $10,000 plus in-state tuition.

Milton Brown Dissertation Fellowship in the Arts is named in honor of the late Professor Brown, who was a faculty member in Art History.

Irving Hochberg Dissertation Fellowship in the Sciences is named in honor of the late Professor Hochberg, who was Executive Officer in Speech and Hearing Sciences.

Geoffrey Marshall Dissertation Fellowship in the Humanities is named in honor of the late Dr. Marshall, who was Provost and a faculty member in English.

Helaine Newstead Dissertation Fellowship in the Humanities is named in honor of the late Professor Newstead, who was a faculty member in English and in Comparative Literature.

Mina Rees Dissertation Fellowship in the Sciences is named in honor of the founding president of The Graduate Center, who was a faculty member in Mathematics.

David Spitz Dissertation Fellowship in the Social Sciences is named in honor of the late Professor Spitz, who was a faculty member in the Political Science program.

Dissertation Year Fellowships are awarded for outstanding dissertation proposals in any field.

Ford Foundation Award for Dissertation Research Expenditures is for students whose dissertation research deals with issues of gender, race, identity, sexuality, or higher education policy. The stipend covers expenses such as travel, transcriptions, materials and other costs and may be combined with other grants, subject to approval. An itemized budget is required. Award amount: $2,000.


Applicants must be registered or on an approved leave of absence during the present academic year. Applicants must also be officially advanced to candidacy with a completed Advancement to Candidacy for the Doctoral Degree form on file in the Registrar's Office before the end of January. Please note that students who have received a dissertation fellowship award of $10,000 or more from The Graduate Center previously are not eligible to apply again for these awards.

Applicants should check off fellowships for which they are eligible, noting that in some cases a justification statement will be required to indicate the appropriateness of the applicant's research to the goals of the award. Please note that these awards are intended for students who expect to complete the dissertation during the year of the award; the applicant's likelihood of completing the dissertation during this period is taken into consideration in the selection process.

Fellowship recipients are required to be registered during the award year. Students who qualify for the Ph.D. in time for an October degree are not eligible to receive the fellowship. Students who complete the dissertation, oral defense, and revisions during the Fall semester are eligible for one-half of the award. Students may supplement the fellowship with additional sources of funding with the exception of another major award or full-time employment. In either case the recipient must notify the Financial Aid Office and also the Office of the Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Affairs so that an appropriate adjustment can be made.


  1. The text describing the dissertation project should be double-spaced using a 12-point font with pages numbered consecutively and a 1-inch margin. The text should include a 1-page abstract of the dissertation proposal followed by a description of the dissertation project limited to 8 pages including a discussion of the background and relevant literature, methodology, data (if appropriate), and expected results, as well as a time-line indicating expected progress. The bibliography (selected works in bibliographic style) is limited to 1 page. Thus, the applicant may submit a total of 10 pages on the dissertation project. Pages over the 10-page limit will be removed. Students are advised to keep in mind that the review committees will be composed of faculty from various disciplines. Proposals should therefore be clearly written and jargon-free.
  2. All applicants must include a résumé or curriculum vitae, limited to two pages.
  3. Optional: Applicants in the physical sciences may include the title page and abstract, limited to one page for each and for no more than 2 publications on which the applicant's name appears as an author. Please do not submit the entire publication.
  4. The completed and signed application form goes on top of the application materials which should be in the order requested (see instructions on page 2 of the form). Applications must have the signed approval of the Executive Officer in the space indicated on the form. The original (1) plus four (4) copies of the application materials (as described in Procedures 1-4) must be submitted in the Provost's Office by February 1.
  5. Two signed references: References should be submitted in print with original signature, one from the dissertation adviser and a second from another faculty member from the applicant's committee or discipline area, noting the significance of the research as well as the applicant’s qualifications and the likelihood that the student will complete the dissertation during the academic year.


Please contact Ann Batiuk at 212 817-7240 or for updated workshop schedules.

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