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Admissions Test

The Executive Programs Admissions Test is an alternative to the GMAT/GRE that is offered to some applicants.

Developed as an alternative to the GMAT or GRE, the Admissions Test is an in-house quantitative assessment that may be required for some Executive applicants. The Admissions Test may be required to complete an application or may be required as part of a conditional admission offer.

Do I have to take the Admissions Test?

If you are an EMBA or EMSF applicant, please submit a pre-application to find out if test scores would be required to complete your application. A pre-application involves emailing a copy of your current resume to In some situations, applicants will be offered admission to the EMBA or EMSF program conditional on passing the Admissions Test.

If you are an Exec Healthcare MBA applicant, please contact the program's Assistant Director, Alison Charlebois, to confirm if this test is applicable to your application.

Scheduling a Test Date

Applicants should complete their application before scheduling a test date. Once your application is complete, we will contact you to schedule a test date.

Preparing for the Admissions Test

The Admissions Test covers three areas: Finance, Accounting and Statistics.  A list of detailed topics for the Admissions Test can be downloaded.

While you may prepare for this test in any way you wish, we recommend a set of online training modules administered by that cover the same material as the Admissions Test.  There are three modules:

  • Statistics Foundations
  • Finance Foundations
  • Accounting Foundations

Each module consists of a set of tutorials and online assessments (these assessments are different from the Admissions Test, but cover the same material).

You must purchase a separate code to access each module. The price is $60 for each module which includes access to the module for one year (note: the price for access is set by and Baruch College has no financial interest in this product).

Online practice modules are available for purchase.

These online practice modules are completely optional.  However, they are recommended for all our students to help them acquire the skills they need to succeed in the program. Even if the Admissions Test is not required of you, these practice modules are great preparation for and/or introduction to some of the basic quantitative subjects that you will encounter in the first year of your program.

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