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What is an Executive MBA? Frequently asked questions about Executive Programs at the Zicklin School of Business

What is an Executive MBA or Executive MS?

The Executive MBA and Executive MS programs are full-time programs specially designed to meet the needs of business professionals:

  • Classes are held on weekends and evenings so that students can attend the program while continuing to work.
  • Students complete the degree in the same time as a full-time program--less than 2 years for the EMBA, and just 11 months for the EMSF. These times are much shorter than those needed to complete traditional part-time programs.
  • The programs  are offered in a cohort structure, in which all students take the same classes together and form long-lasting business relationships.
  • The program fees are inclusive, covering tuition, all class-room materials, class-day meals, and orientation.
  • The EMBA and EMSF programs include Boot Camp, an orientation program at an executive conference center, and an international study tour as part of the curriculum.

Is this the same degree as a regular MBA or MS?

Yes, it is the same degree, and students fulfill the same requirements as a regular MBA or MS.

How is the Executive MBA different from a regular MBA?

There are several differences:

  • The Executive MBA is meant for mid-level managers and experienced professionals, and applicants should have at least 5 to 7 years of work experience.  Many applicants have 10 or more years of experience.
  • It is a weekend program, with classes mainly on Saturdays.  Classes are also held on a few Fridays during the year because of holidays--but these are scheduled well in advance so you have adequate warning.  Classes run the whole day (8:30 am to 5:30 pm) on the day you come in.
  • It is a cohort-based program, meaning that you take all your classes with the same group of people through the program.  Students usually develop strong personal and professional bonds with their classmates that are sustained throughout life.  The cohort thus becomes the core of the students' network, affording many opportunities for career advancement.
  • The program is a general MBA.  It includes a wide range of courses in functional areas (Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Systems, and Statistics) as well as specialized courses in areas such as leadership, innovation, negotiation, persuasion and ethics.
  • Program fees include all course materials (textbooks, lecture notes, cases, readings) and meals and snacks on class days (breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks).  In addition, all administrative details (registration, bursar etc.) are taken care of by the Executive Education staff, so students can focus exclusively on their studies.
  • The highlight of the EMBA program is an 8-10 day International Study Trip, in which the class travels to two overseas destinations to learn about business conditions, practices and cultures in those countries.  Meetings are arranged with business leaders and policy makers, along with site visits to companies and manufacturing facilities.  Students learn first-hand about the challenges and opportunities of doing business in those countries.  Most of the cost of the trip (travel and hotel) is included in the program fees.

Who is a typical student?

A typical Zicklin Executive Education student is a highly motivated, mature individual who has assessed his or her potential and set goals of leadership within an existing work environment or in another field. Executive students have typically reached mid-management levels of responsibility yet seek out the challenge of intense study as a stepping-stone to ultimate success.

Is a GMAT required?

Submission of a GMAT score is recommended though not required for all applicants.  It may be required for some applicants, depending on their professional experience and academic preparation.

Is there a deadline for submitting applications?

Applications are accepted and processed on a "rolling admissions" basis with two rounds of deadlines: a priority deadline in April and a final deadline in June.

Do I have to be financially sponsored by my company?

No. In fact, today fewer companies, whether large or small, offer tuition sponsorship because of uncertain business conditions.  However, unless you are self-employed, you need to have your employer's signature on the Sponsor's Agreement.  This is to ensure that your organization is aware that you will have additional demands on your time as you complete this program, and will support you through that process.

How is tuition paid?

Tuition is paid in 4 to 7 installments, depending on the length of the program.  A deposit of $2,500 is due upon acceptance of our offer of admission. The remaining 3 to 6 payments are due prior to the start of each trimester.

What financial aid is available?

There are several sources of financial aid (loans) that candidates may consider whether U.S. citizens, residents, or international applicants. Once you have been accepted into the program, the Financial Aid Office can guide you through the process. No departmental scholarships are offered by Executive Education. A variety of loans are available.

Can international students apply?

Yes. Students in Executive Education are classified as full-time students and are eligible for student visas. While the cost of the program is identical for a U.S. citizen, you will probably need a student visa. Once accepted into the program, you are required to complete a statement of financial support for one full year. When the statement is received, the college forwards necessary documentation to you for submission to the nearest United States Consulate in your home country and thus starts applying for your student visa. These proceedings can be lengthy, so apply early in the year if you wish to begin an Executive program. Admission into the college is not a guarantee that you will be given a student visa.

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