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Joint JD / MBA

Joint JD / MBA Program

Joint JD/MBA Degree Programs with Brooklyn Law School and New York Law School

The joint JD/MBA program allows students to pursue both law and business subjects more rigorously than either the MBA or the JD degrees alone would allow. This more thorough study of the connections between law and business enables joint degree students to make a special contribution to the law or business environment in which they will be working. Possible positions and fields that draw upon this unique combination of legal and business knowledge are: legal counsel; corporate secretary; liaison to outside counsel, accounting firms, and insurance companies; securities and liaison to financial institutions; general administrative assistant to CEO/CFO; shareholder relations; labor relations; real estate; business policy and general strategy - including risk analysis, legislative relations, lobbying, international relations and trade, community relations, advertising, and intellectual property aspects of e-commerce and the internet.

How is the Joint Program Structured?

Students pursue the joint MBA/JD program on a full-time or part-time basis. Student may receive up to nine transfer credits towards the general electives in the 48-credit MBA degree for appropriate course work completed in the law school. Similarly, students may receive up to nine transfer credits towards the 86-credit JD degree for appropriate course work completed in the business school. Because of this shared course credit, full-time students can complete the joint JD/MBA program in approximately four years, including summers. Part-time students can complete the joint JD/MBA program in approximately five and one-half years, including summers. Most JD/MBA students apply to the Evening MBA program for  the flexibility of scheduling.

The JD and MBA degrees are conferred after degree requirements at both institutions have been satisfied. Students who elect to complete one degree before (or instead of) the other degree must complete the conventional requirements for the degree that is being sought.

Students begin their course work at either the business school or the law school, and will generally spend one year at one institution, the next year at the other institution, and divide their remaining time between the two institutions. Program coordinators at each school will assist students in meeting the special needs arising from the different dates of enrollment and registration in the respective institutions. Students must meet the separate academic, residency and financial requirements at each school.

What Courses Do I Take in the MBA Program?

The MBA degree program requires 48 credits: 18 credits of required foundational skills, 12 credits of functional skills, 3 capstone credits (business consulting), and 15 credits of elective course work. Students in the JD/MBA program transfer nine credits of law school course work towards their general electives. All law courses are completed at Brooklyn Law School or New York Law School.

Students should consult Brooklyn Law School and The New York Law School directly for curriculum information.

How Do I Apply to the Joint Program?

Prospective students must submit separate applications to business school and law school, and satisfy each school's admissions requirements, including satisfactory scores on the GMAT and LSAT exams. Applicants may apply to business school and law school concurrently, or apply to one school during the first year of full-time enrollment in the other school (or the equivalent for part-time students). Students who seek to enter the joint program at some later point in their MBA or JD program require approval of the program coordinators in each school.

Students admitted concurrently to business and law school will enroll in one school and defer admission to the other school, depending upon where they decide to spend their first year (or the equivalent). Students will inform the appropriate admissions office to defer enrollment. Admission to Baruch may be deferred for up to three semesters, provided students have been registered in Brooklyn Law School or New York Law School during that time period. (Admissions records are kept for 18 months.) All students regardless of where they are registered should meet with the MBA and JD program coordinators to discuss the requirements for the joint program and complete a program worksheet.

Is Financial Aid Available?

Students should get in touch with the financial aid offices in both the law and business schools for information. Students cannot apply for financial aid through more than one school for the same period of enrollment. For information about financial aid at Zicklin, contact the Financial Aid Office, (646) 312-1360. A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to students studying at Baruch full-time.

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