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MBA in Accountancy (Including CPA Program)
  • Satisfies NY State's August 1, 2009 CPA requirements.
  • Available to students with bachelor’s degrees in any field except accounting (see below).
  • Meets the AACSB-International special accreditation standards for accounting programs.
  • Provides knowledge and develops competence in both general management and accounting theory, concepts and practice.
  • Waives one year of the two year CPA auditing experience requirement.

New NY State CPA Requirements.

Students applying to take the CPA exam after August 1, 2009 must have satisfied the new requirements which include a minimum of 150 total credit hours of college or university coursework. The MBA, accounting major, is registered as CPA qualifying with the NY State Education Department Office of the Professions.

Undergraduate accounting majors

(or any students with previous business degrees) are encouraged to consider Zicklin’s intensive MS Program in Accountancy , a more efficient and direct route to meeting the CPA requirements with a master’s program.

See MBA or MS?? for information about the advantages of each accounting program.

Important differences between the MBA, accounting major, and the other Zicklin MBA’s.

For complete program requirements, see the next section, but note these significant variances:

  • MBA Core Changes
    • ACC 9112, Financial Accounting; Intensive, replaces ACC 9110, Financial Accounting
    • ACC 9811, Managerial Accounting Theory and Practice (4 credits) replaces ACC 9115, Management Accounting
  • No general electives because additional accounting, tax and law courses are needed to meet CPA requirements.
  • Program is longer (69-72 credits vs. 57-60 credits) because CPA requires additional courses and most accounting courses are 4 vs 3 credits.
  • Official Program of Study signed by student and accounting advisor is compulsory to insure all program/CPA requirements are understood.

MBA Accounting/CPA Major Requirements

Total Courses: 21 or 22 Total Credits: 69 or 72

(For a printer-friendly, two page list of these program requirements go to MBA Accounting/CPA Major Requirements.)

Preliminary Courses


English Requirements for International Students: All new students whose native language is not English and who do not have a US undergraduate or graduate degree are tested for their written and spoken English proficiency and may be required to take additional English courses based on these evaluations.

MTH 8001 Calculus for Applications

(This course meets the CPA general business, quantitative methods requirement. It can be waived if a calculus course has been completed with a grade of at least "C-".)

Flex-Time MBA Core and Breadth Courses Credits

The core and breadth courses provide all students with a common body of knowledge and a comprehensive introduction to the academic disciplines underlying graduate business education.

No waivers are granted for required core and breadth courses. However, students who have completed 15 semester hours in a core/breadth area within the seven years prior to enrolling in the MBA program can petition the Office of Graduate Student Services to substitute an advanced-level course in the same area for the core requirement.

Eligible students should apply to the Office of Graduate Student Services for core course substitutions as soon as possible after reserving a place in the MBA program. Priority is given to evaluating substitution requests for courses taken in the first semester, i.e., ACC 9112, CIS 9000, ECO 9708, MKT 9703, STA 9708.

Core and Breadth Courses Credits

(35 credits) Credits
ACC 9112 Financial Accounting; Intensive (not ACC 9110)
ACC 9811 Managerial Accounting Theory and Practice (not ACC 9115)
BUS 9100 The Societal and Governmental Environment of Business
BUS 9200 Business Policy
CIS 9000 Information Systems for Managers
ECO 9708 Microeconomics for Managers
ECO 9709 Macroeconomics for Managers
FIN 9770 Financial Decision Making
MGT 9300* Management: A Behavioral Approach
MGT 9700 Introduction to Operations Management
MKT 9703 Marketing Management
STA 9708 Applied Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions

*Students may take PSY 9788 Psychological Processes in Organization in place of MGT 9300.

Accounting Major Courses

(27 Credits)
ACC 9804 Intermediate Financial Accounting
ACC 9805 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACC 9807 Contemporary Topics in Accounting
ACC 9816 Accounting and Auditing Aspects of Computer-Based Information Systems
ACC 9821 Auditing
TAX 9862 Federal Income Taxation
TAX 9878 Taxation of Business Entities

International Elective

The international elective course allows students to further internationalize their knowledge of business functions, and complements their core courses in a similar manner. Flex-Time MBA students choose one course from the list of choices below.

International Elective Choices

(3 credits)
CIS 9320 Globalization and Technology
ECO 9741 International Economics
FIN 9786 International Financial Markets
FIN 9788 International Corporate Finance
IBS 9760 International Business Analysis
IBS 9762 The Global Competitiveness of the U.S. Economy
IBS 9767 Foreign Markets, Cultures and Regimes
LAW 9740 International Trade and Investment Law
MGT 9870 International Comparative Management
MKT 9764 Internet Marketing and Global Business

Legal Requirement

(4 Credits)
LAW 9800 Business Contract and Law of Corporations

Total MBA Degree Credits

CPA Liberal Arts and Science Requirements

The MBA, accounting major requirements listed above fulfill the CPA general business and accounting/taxation requirements, but students must also have previously completed at least 60 credits of liberal arts and science coursework, which must include at least one course in each of the following areas:

Mathematics/sciences Social sciences
Humanities Computer Science

Any students who do not have one or more of these specifically required courses must take it/them at Baruch in addition to the courses in the MBA program.

Total Liberal Arts and Sciences must be ≥ 60 credits

Total credits of undergraduate and graduate coursework must be ≥ 150

All student undergraduate and graduate transcripts are reviewed to make certain that these liberal arts and science, total undergraduate and graduate credit and specific course requirements have been met.

The Official Program of Study

New MBA students are mailed Official Programs of Study detailing their program requirements, including any waivers for which their previous coursework make them eligible.

Pre-Baruch coursework is also reviewed to make certain the liberal arts and sciences requirements - outside the MS degree but still necessary to sit for the NY State CPA exam - have been met.

For further information, contact:

Graduate Admissions

151 E. 25th St. Room 820 (between Lexington and 3rd Avenues)
Phone: (646) 312-1300
Fax: (646) 312-1301
Website: Graduate Admissions

Office of Graduate Studies

Full-Time Honors MBA:
(646) 312-3130

Flex-Time MBA Programs:
(646) 312-3140
Website: Graduate Student Services

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