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MBA in Accountancy (Including CPA Program)

The MBA with a major in accountancy is designed for students with baccalaureate degrees in fields other than accounting. Undergraduate accounting majors should consider another MBA major and use their electives to take accounting courses needed to meet CPA requirements. The program meets the educational requirements for the New York State CPA examination and conforms to the standards adopted by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business for accreditation of accounting programs.

The MBA major in accountancy enables students to acquire knowledge and develop competence in overall management at the same time they gain a foundation in accounting theory and concepts. It equips students with the necessary tools to effectively interpret and use accounting and financial information and prepares them to enter the accounting profession.

New York State regulations for licensing as a CPA have changed. After August 1, 2009, all CPA exam applicants must have completed 150 credit hours of approved course work. In addition to 33 credit hours of accounting, the 150-credit-hour option requires at least 36 credit hours in general business electives. MBA in accountancy students will meet with a program advisor to review their requirements.

NOTE: The following requirements apply to students admitted in fall 2015 or later. Students admitted prior to this date should consult an advisor in their MBA program office if they have questions about their degree requirements.


Accountancy majors will receive a more detailed curriculum sheet during their first semester.


Required Core (12 courses; 27 credits) Total CPA general business credits = 24 Credits

ACC 9112* Financial Accounting:  Intensive

3 Credits

BUS 9551 Business Communication I

1.5 Credits

BUS 9552 or 9553** Business Communication II (prerequisite: BUS 9551)

1.5 Credits

CIS 9001 Information Systems for Managers I

1.5 Credits

ECO 9730 Fundamentals of Microeconomics

1.5 Credits

FIN 9770 Financial Decision Making (Prerequisite: ACC 9110 & STA 9708)

3 Credits

IBS 9600 International Business Fundamentals

1.5 Credits

MGT 9300 Management: A Behavioral Approach

3 Credits

MGT 9702 Service Operations I (Prerequisite: STA 9708)

1.5 credits

MKT 9703 Marketing Management

3 Credits

STA 9708 Applied Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions

3 Credits

BUS 9200 Business Policy  (Prerequisite: All the required Core + 12 additional Credits)



27 Credits

*Students who take ACC 9110 instead of ACC 9112 should consult with an advisor before taking ACC 9804.

**Students should satisfy BUS 9551 by completion of their first 15 credits, and BUS 9552, BUS 9553 or BUS 9554 by completion of their first 30 credits.


Flexible Core: minimum 3 courses/8.5 credits Total CPA general business credits = 4.5

Choose One from List below Credits

LAW 9000 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

3 Credits

BUS 9100 Business and Society

3 Credits


Choose Two from List Below

ACC 9811 Managerial Accounting Theory and Practice (prereqs: ACC 9110 or ACC 9112; required for ACC majors)

4 Credits

CIS 9002 Information Systems for Managers II - Managing and Harnessing Technology (pre-req: CIS 9001;required for IS majors)

1.5 Credits

ECO 9740 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics

1.5 Credits

MGT 9704 Service Operations II (prereq: MGT 9702; required for Op Mgt majors)

1.5 Credits


6 Credits

In order to satisfy the current requirements for New York State CPA certification, accountancy majors require additional courses as determined by the Stan Ross Department of Accountancy, beyond the minimum 4 courses/12 credits required for other majors.

Major: 8 courses/27 credits


ACC 9804 Intermediate Financial Accounting (prereq: ACC 9112, or ACC 9110 w/ dept. permission)

4 credits

ACC 9805 Advanced Financial Accounting ( prereq: ACC 9804)

4 credits

ACC 9818 Auditing and Accounting Information Systems (prerequisite ACC 9112 or equivalent)

3 credits

ACC 9821 Auditing (prereq: ACC 9804)

4 credits

TAX 9861 Federal Income Taxation: Theory and Practice

3 credits

TAX 9878 Taxation of Business Entities (pre- or co-req: TAX 9861 or TAX 9862 or TAX 9863)

3 credits


At least two from:

ACC 9810 Current Topics in Financial Accounting (3 credits; pre- or co-requisite: ACC 9805)

3 credits

ACC 9806 Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting (3 credits; prerequisite: ACC 9110 or equivalent; FIN 9770 or equivalent)

3 credits

ACC 9815 Advanced Managerial Accounting (3 credits; prerequisite: ACC 9811 or equivalent)

3 credits

ACC 9901 or ACC 9993 Special Topics in Accountancy*** (3 credits; prerequisite: ACC 9110 or equivalent)

3 credits

General electives: 4 – 7.5 credits Total CPA general business credits = 4.0 – 7.5***

LAW 9800 Intensive Survey of Business Contracts and Law of Corporations +

4 credits

(ZSB electives)****

0.0-3.5 credits

*** May take ACC 9901/ACC 9993 more than once with different topics; topics may include forensic accounting, advanced auditing, cases in business/accounting.

**** To satisfy the CPA requirements of 36 credits in areas other than ACC/TAX, students may be required to take additional credits of general business courses beyond LAW 9800.  A student’s undergraduate transcript will be reviewed to determine if courses completed prior to admission to Zicklin can apply towards the 36 credits.

+LAW 9800 may be waived if 6 credits in business law have been completed on the undergraduate level, but students must replace this course with another Zicklin elective to satisfy MBA requirements.

Dual Major with Taxation

Students who wish to pursue a dual major in accountancy and taxation will take the four taxation courses listed below, will apply TAX 9863 and TAX 9866 toward the requirements for both majors, and will not take TAX 9861 and TAX 9878.

TAX 9863 Principles of Federal Income Taxation

TAX 9866 Corporate Taxation I 3 credits

TAX 9868 Partnership Taxation 3 credits

TAX 9900 Tax Procedure and Professional Responsibility 3 credits


Current MBA students should contact their program office for advising and with any questions.

Prospective MBA students should contact the Office of Graduate Admissions with any questions.

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