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MBA Curriculum - prior to Fall 2016

MBA Curriculum - for students who entered prior to Fall 2016

The Zicklin MBA includes a core curriculum of 15 courses worth 33 credits and eight major and elective courses worth 24 credits, defining a 23 course and 57-credit MBA curriculum (accountancy majors follow a modified curriculum and graduate with additional credits).  The MBA program is based on a foundation of three fundamental principles: 1) The MBA curriculum should be based on learning objectives developed and approved by the school’s faculty; 2) The MBA curriculum should contain sufficient flexibility to allow student choice in the pursuit of diverse professional goals; 3) The MBA curriculum should balance broad scope and specialized depth in its course offerings.

Students interested in the accountancy program should note that the core, major, and elective requirements are different, and the degree requires 61 – 73 credits of coursework.  Please see Accountancy major requirements.

Students admitted Fall 2016 or after should review the new curriculum requirements for the specific program they are interested in (Full-Time MBA, Evening MBA, or One-Year MBA) or consult with a program advisor regarding degree requirements.

Students who entered prior to Fall 2016 should contact a program advisor with any questions regarding their program.



Core Courses
Students who have completed twelve undergraduate credits, with a grade in each course of at least B, in a Zicklin core course area within five years prior to enrolling in Zicklin's part-time MBA program may petition the Zicklin Office of Graduate Programs to substitute an advanced course in the same area for the core course requirement. This option is not available to students in Zicklin's cohort programs: Full-Time MBA, Executive MBA, and MBA in Healthcare Administration.
Required Core Courses (12 courses; 27 credits)
ACC 9110 Financial Accounting* 3
ACC 9112 Financial Accounting: Intensive 3
BUS 9551 Business Communication I 1.5
BUS 9552 Business Communication II: Communicating Quantitative and Technical Information
(Prerequisite: BUS 9551)
BUS 9553 Business Communication II: Leadership Communication: Writing and Speaking with Authority
(Prerequisite: BUS 9551)
BUS 9554 Business Communication II: Enhanced Oral and Written Communication
(Prerequisite: BUS 9551)
CIS 9001 Information Systems for Managers I 1.5
ECO 9730 Fundamentals of Microeconomics 1.5
FIN 9770 Financial Decision Making
(Prerequisites: STA 9708)
IBS 9600 International Business Fundamentals 1.5
MGT 9300 Management: A Behavioral Approach 3
MGT 9702 Service Operations I
(Prerequisite: STA 9708)
MKT 9703 Marketing Management 3
STA 9708 Applied Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions 3
BUS 9200 Business Policy (Capstone)
(Prerequisites: All required core courses, plus BUS 9100 or LAW 9000)
Flexible Core Courses (minimum of 3 courses; minimum of 6 credits)

*Note: Students who completed ACC 9110 Financial Accounting prior to declaring an accountancy major may substitute this course for ACC 9112, and should consult the instructor of ACC 9804 Intermediate Financial Accounting prior to taking that course.

Choose one of two below:

BUS 9100 Business and Society 3
LAW 9000 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business 3

Choose additionally from:

ACC 9125** Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
(Prerequisite: ACC 9110 or ACC 9112) Required for Operations Management majors
CIS 9002

Information Systems for Managers II: Managing and Harnessing Technology (Prerequisite: CIS 9001)Required for Information Systems majors

ECO 9740 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics 1.5
MGT 9704 Service Operations II
(Prerequisite: MGT 9702) Required for Operations Management Majors

** Accountancy Majors will register for ACC 9811 (4 credits) instead of ACC 9125.

Major/General Electives 24 Credits/8 Courses Required

Majors require a minimum of 12 credits (with the exception of Accountancy). Students may take no more than 18 credits within the major (see exceptions in the notes below).  The number of general elective courses is determined by the number of courses taken in the major.  The total number of major and general elective credits must equal 24.

General Electives may be selected from any 9000-level course offered by academic departments offering courses in the Zicklin School of Business (ACC, BUS, CIS, ECO, FIN, IBS, LAW, MGT, MKT, OPR, STA, RES, and TAX). Students can use electives towards a second major, to pursue course work outside of the major, or to participate in study abroad. In addition, students may take one 3 credit 9000-level general elective course from the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences or the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, with permission.

  • Students who choose a major may complete no more than 18 credits/6 courses total within their major.
  • Information Systems Majors may complete no more than 16.5 credits total within the IS major.
  • Operations Management Majors may complete no more than 15 credits total within the Operations Management major.
  • Students who choose the General option cannot take more than 18 credits in any area of interest.
  • Students who have dual majors cannot use one course to satisfy two different major requirements.
  • Students may also take variable unit courses towards the completion of major or general elective courses. All minimum requirements must be met.
  • Students may also take one 3 unit general elective (cannot count towards major or core) as Pass/No Credit. See an advisor for more information.
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 must be maintained to be considered in good academic standing and to graduate.
  • Students interested in the Accountancy major can review the requirements.

Current MBA students should contact their program office for advising and with any questions.

Prospective MBA students should contact the Office of MBA Recruiting and  Admissions with any questions.

Phone: (646) 312-1300
Website: Graduate Admissions


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