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Current Student Profiles

Baruch Healthcare MBA - Current Student Profiles

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds within and outside the healthcare industry and chose Baruch for its convenient course offerings, close-knit learning cohorts and overall value and affordability. They enhance our learning environment by drawing from their professional experiences in clinical, administrative, technical, and research fields. A typical class would include MDs, Administrative Assistants, Clinical Supervisors; Laboratory Technicians, Billing Associates, Sponsored Research Administrators as well as other early-to-mid-career professionals from a variety of industries. Before entering the Program, students tend to have an average of 3.5 - 4 years of full-time professional experience.

Class of 2014

Akhtar-Waseem.jpgWaseem Akhtar
Project Analyst, Patient Accounts Systems
Batchoo-Kris.jpgKris Batchoo
Pharmacy Operations Manager
Bilas-Nicholas.jpgNicholas Bilas
Division Administrator
Chen-Becky.jpgBecky Chen
Senior Group Underwriter
DePrisco-Patrick.jpgPatrick DePrisco
Instrument Technician
Dibble-Nicholas.jpgNicholas Dibble
Lead Cost Containment Specialist
Fernandez-Raquel.jpgRaquel Fernandez Galbraith-Caitlin.jpgCaitlin Galbraith
Medical Laboratory Scientist II
George-Leon.jpgLeon George
Bed Coordinator
Hyatt-Greg.jpgGreg Hyatt
Lewis-Elizabeth.jpgElizabeth Kemeny
Senior Systems Analyst
Keppel-Yolanda.jpgYolanda Keppel
Program Manager
Kuo-TingTing.jpgTing Ting Kuo

Landesberg-Daniel.jpgDaniel Landesberg
Session Assistant II
Miller-Robert.jpgRobert Miller
Chief Physician Assistant
Ng-Helena.jpgHelena Ng
Nicodemo-Amy.jpgAmy Nicodemo
Improvement Manager, Quality & Patient Safety
Niedbala-Elizabeth.jpgElizabeth Niedbala
Advanced Clinician
Psarreas-Charles.jpgCharles Psarreas
Practice/Administrative Manager
Reuben-Steven.jpgSteven Reuben
Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist
Sanchez-Lori.jpgLori Sanchez
Senior Financial Analyst
Silverman-Michael.jpgMichael Silverman
Advanced Clinician, Physical Therapy
Smith-Alexandra.jpgAlexandra Smith
Project Director, Pediatrics
Sutri-Manav.jpgManav Sutri
Tabassum-Nazia.jpgNazia Tabassum
Office Manager
Weisfogel-Ari.jpgAri Weisfogel
Senior Asset Manager
Zhu-Jeff.jpgJifeng (Jeff) Zhu
Community Research, Relations and Outreach Manager

Class of 2015

Barzideh-Alex.jpgAlex Barzideh
Clinical Business Analyst
Budman-Diana.jpgDiana Budman
Compliance Coordinator
Chan-David.jpgDavid Chan
Materials Coordinator
Demino-Christine.jpgChristine Demino
Financial Analyst
Feeley-Benjamin.jpgBenjamin Feeley
IT Specialist
Field-Brandon.jpgBrandon Field
Client Service Officer
Fitzsimmons-Thomas.jpgThomas Fitzsimmons
Project Coordinator
Ginsberg-Noah.jpgNoah Ginsberg
Manager of Operations
Holcombe-Randall.jpgRandall Holcombe
Kleiner-Tal.jpgTal Kleiner
Registered Dietitian
Lee-Juma.jpgJuma Lee
Social Work Care Manager
Li-Trudy.jpgTrudy Li
Medical Secretary
Merkel-Katlyn.jpgKatlyn Merkel
Education Program Coordinator
Patel-Payal.jpgPayal Patel
Clinical Practice Supervisor
Qiu-Xiang.jpgXiang Qiu
Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Schneider-Rachael.jpgRachael Schneider
Clinical Research
Shymon-Nelya.jpgNelya Shymon
Medical Receptionist
Sierzputowski-Monika.jpgMonika Kamieniecka
Senior Paralegal
Sulmers-Andre.jpgAndre Sulmers Tilakdhari-Frandsen-Sabrina.jpgSabrina Tilakdhari-Frandsen
Manager, Revenue Cycle Operations
Villacis-Brian.jpgBrian Villacis
Business Development Associate
Yao-Richard.jpgRichard Yao
Director of Development
Yuen-Vincent.jpgVincent Yuen Zeman-David.jpgDavid Zeman
Manager, Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery

Class of 2016

Christopher-Acidera.jpgChristopher Acidera
Project Associate

Nefertiti-Cano.jpgNefertiti Cano

Naomi-Cigan.jpgNaomi Cigan
Practice Manager

Simon-Desjardins.jpgSimon Desjardins

Tamara-Gopen.jpgTamara Gopen
Senior Clinical Director

Brian-LaBarbera.jpgBrian LaBarbera
Human Resources and Administration Manager

Andreea-Mera.jpgAndreea C. Mera

Rebecca-Monteleone.jpgRebecca Monteleone
Payroll and Benefits Processor

John-Porro.jpgJohn Porro
Physician Assistant

Marta-Prymak.jpgMarta Prymak

Anna-Razumova.jpgAnna Razumova
Medical Technologist

Aliaksandra-Samoila.jpgAliaksandra Samoila
R&D Project Coordinator

Mon-Fong-So.jpgMon Fong So
Physician Assistant

Bhumika-Soni.jpgBhumika Soni
Credentials Coordinator

Hee-Yun-Suk.jpgHee Yun Suk
Senior Clinical Research Associate

Aaron-Walfish.jpgAaron Walfish

Li-Zheng.jpgLi Zheng
Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Jacqueline-Zolot.jpgJacqueline Zolot
Senior Medical Secretary

Some Organizations That Employ Our Students

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