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Marketing Management

BBA in Marketing; Business to Business Marketing; Advertising and Marketing Communications; International Marketing; International Business

More than any other business discipline, marketing deals with customers. Indeed, the heart of Marketing is building relationships with customers. Anyone involved with any facet of Marketing is concerned with providing customers with value and satisfaction. The concern is always with managing and improving current customer relationships and developing new relationships. This is accomplished by learning about and understanding customer needs and, in turn, developing products and services that respond to these needs while, at the same time, providing superior value.

The Allen G. Aaronson Department of Marketing and International Business offers a wide variety of courses to meet the specific career orientations of students interested in any facet of the marketing process.

The Department of Marketing and International Business has five distinct tracks: General Marketing, Digital Marketing; International Marketing, Advertising and Marketing Communication, and Marketing Analytics.

For a major in Marketing Management, students are required to have 24 credits (eight courses) beyond Marketing 3000. Core and elective requirements are based on track as listed below. All courses offered by the department are available as electives (beyond the core).


Faculty Advisors

Office hours only applicable during regular semester

For International Marketing Issues:

Prof. Andreas F. Grein - International Business Program Coordinator
VC 12-255 - By appointment.

For all other:

Prof. Nermin Eyuboglu - Deputy Chair

Prof. David Luna - Chairman

Career Opportunities

Marketing is a highly dynamic field with a variety of careers available to degreed practitioners. These career areas include product and brand management, international marketing, advertising and marketing communication, retailing, logistics and distribution, marketing research, e-commerce, and personal selling. Often marketing career paths may lead to positions in upper-level corporate management. For example, Steve Balmer, the CEO of Microsoft, has a marketing background.

Indeed, business leaders throughout the world regard marketing as critical since it is directly responsible for customer relationships that lead to profit. Marketing managers identify customers in as much detail as possible, they determine the needs of the customers, and they determine how the organization can best satisfy those needs.

Marketing managers may be involved in a variety of functions including the design of products, the development of pricing and advertising strategies, and the construction of procedures for product distribution. Entrepreneurs who start their own businesses also benefit from knowledge of marketing in developing consumer- or business-oriented strategies.

Virtually all industries and organizations-profit and non-profit-depend on marketing, whether they market to household or business-to-business consumers. Whatever career path one chooses, a background in marketing helps one to think both strategically and tactically; it helps one to understand consumers; and it helps one to develop appropriate business models. Finally, and not to be overlooked, a career in marketing can provide a high degree of both personal satisfaction and professional development.

See website for Career Development Center for more information

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