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Human Resource Management

BBA in Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human resource management is an important function in nearly all United States work organizations. HR departments, formerly called personnel departments, have traditionally administered recruitment and placement, training and development, labor relations, compensation and benefits, and performance appraisal systems. In recent decades HR departments have assumed responsibility for workforce diversity and work/family programs, and currently they have become important contributors to strategic planning and organizational change processes. The field of HR offers variety in entry-level positions and dynamic work environments.

Practical Program Objectives

The BBA specialization in Human Resource Management at Baruch is offered by the Narendra Paul Loomba Department of Management. The program helps students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to pursue effective careers in the human resource field. The program prepares individuals to assume specialist, generalist and managerial positions in HR departments in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. After gaining a fundamental grounding in the liberal arts and sciences and a comprehensive business education through the BBA core, students acquire a practical, functional HRM education that allows them to compete in the HRM job market.

Flexible Curriculum

The specialization in human resource management consists of eight courses, three required and five electives.

From a large set of specialization electives, students select five courses. The Narendra Paul Loomba Department of Management offers its HRM courses according to a scheduled cycle, so students should not have difficulty registering for appropriate courses. The HRM faculty offers applied courses using a variety of pedagogical approaches that allows students to learn the HRM field in breadth and depth. There is a thorough consideration of both traditional and current HR issues.

Required Courses (9 credits)

MGT 3300 Management: A Behavioral Approach
MGT 3800 Management and Society
MGT 4400 Human Resource Management

In addition to the three required courses, students must take five elective courses, four of which are to be chosen from the following list.

Elective Courses (15 credits)

MGT 4310 Organizational Design
MGT 4330 Organizational Behavior: A Micro Perspective
MGT 4340 Organizational Analysis and Development
MGT 4380 The Management of Organizational Productivity
MGT 4420 The Management of Compensation
MGT 4430 Employee Development and Training
MGT 4460 Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
MGT 4475 Human Resource Metrics 3
MGT 4480 Conflict Management Procedures
MGT 4491 Special Topics in Human Resource Management 1
MGT 4492 Special Topics in Human Resource Management 2
MGT 4493 Special Topics in Human Resource Management 3
MGT 4494 Special Topics in Human Resource Management 1.5
MGT 4880 Management of Multnational Corporations 3

The fifth specialization elective can be any Narendra Paul Loomba Department of Management course or another course approved by an advisor.

Favorable Job Market

The HRM job market is small but growing, when the economy is fundamentally sound.  For specific, updated information consult the New York State Department of Labor's job market forecast for New York City, "Occupational Outlook".  While salaries depend on many factors, in general, a college graduate with an appropriate academic background and without experience can expect a starting salary in the mid-thirties.

For more information about career opportunities in Human Resource Management, visit Baruch College's Career Development Center.

Society for Human Resource Management

Baruch College has one of 350 chapters of a professional human resource organization with 132,000 members. As an HRM major, students can join the Society for Human Resource Management and realize the benefits of on-campus workshops by HRM professionals, access to a job market website, and receipt of two HRM magazines.

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