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Special Topics and Experimental Courses, Spring 2013

Zicklin School of Business, Special Topics and Experimental Courses, Spring 2013

CIS 4093-Special Topics in Computer Information Systems: Programming for Mobile Phone Applications (Section LMSA, Code 2267, Saturday, 9:05-12:00pm; 3 hours, 3 credits; Prerequisite: see below for detail; Prof. Campbell)

Course Overview:
This course introduces application development for mobile phones, utilizing the android operating system as the platform for the course.  Student will learn how to make their smart phone even smarter and learn the skills necessary to create and deploy android applications.  Other topics include software architecture, design, process, testing, and deployment, and test-driven development.  Student will learn how to create user interfaces, link to other mobile applications, and monetize mobile apps. Prerequisite: CIS 4100 or CIS 4160 or permission with documentable advanced programming skills.


FIN 4093-Special Topics in Finance:  Student Advised Investment Fund (Section ETR, Code 2448, Tues/Thurs, 2:30pm-3:45pm; 3 hours, 3 credits; prerequisite: see below for details; Prof. Vora)

Course Overview:
This course provides an opportunity to manage real money in financial markets, bridging the gap between financial theory and real-world applications.  Students working in small teams will analyze common stocks investment opportunities using the financial analysis tools and theoretical models acquired in earlier courses.  Through research, students will develop an array of investment recommendations that will be presented to the Investment Committee of the Baruch College Fund and form the basis for specific investments in the $500,000 BCF student earmarked portfolio.  (This fund has been set aside by the BCF for this pedagogical purpose).
The Student Advised Investment Fund is a three credit course that will be completed over two semesters (spring 2013 and fall 2013). Students will receive an INC at the end of the spring 2013 semester.  Letter grades (for both semesters) will be awarded after the completion of the fall 2013 semester. Additional organizational meetings may be required in summer 2013.

Department permission is required to register for this course.  Open only to Finance majors with an overall GPA of 3.6.  Students must have completed FIN 3610, FIN 3710, and ECO 4000 before the start of spring 2013. To apply for acceptance in Fin 4093 send an email from your “baruchmail” account to Professor Ashok Vora [ashok.vora@baruch.cuny.edu].


FIN 4093-Special Topics in Finance: Banking (Section LMT, Code 2544, Tuesday, 9:05-12:00pm; 3 hours, 3 credits; Prerequisite: see below for detail; Prof. Hessel)

Course Overview:
The course is mixture of banking topics taught by Professor Hessel and banking topics presented by staff of JP Morgan Chase. The class meets once each week for 3 hours of which about 50% is taught by Professor Hessel and the balance by JP Morgan Staff. The class is divided into groups and each group is focused on an area of banking. In preparation for the New Business Initiative presentation the next to last meeting of class, each group develops its portion of the NBIA and coordinates with the other groups for a single cohesive presentation at Chase with senior managers listening to the presentation. The course is coordinated with the training and work experience the class members have as members of the JPMC extended internship.
Basis of Grade:

The course grade is determined by four equally weighted variables: 25% weight on average of homework grades, 25% weight on mid-term exam, 25% weight on in-class participation and 25% weight on preparation for presentation of NBIA case.
Perquisite Course:

CIS 3367 is a perquisite[1] for course and must be passed with a grade of C or higher for the student to become a member of the extended internship and finance 4777.
1 Under unusual circumstances a student may be granted permission to take CIS 3367 as a co-requisite.


MGT 4093- Special Topics in Management:  Leadership (Section LMFA, Code 1264, Friday, 9:15am-12:00pm; 3 hours, 3 credits; prerequisite: see below for details; Prof. Tawil)

Course Overview:
This course is an intensive and cutting edge skills-building  and experiential class designed to empower and train leaders in how to understand and navigate diversity in the local and global worlds of business, education, media, finance, community, government, health care and beyond.    The course will be taught both by lecture and panels of top leaders and executives of major corporations and organizations that deal with these issues.  Their presentations will illuminate organizations meet the opportunities and challenges of markets, workforce, community building, and customer bases in our diverse city, nation and world.

Confirmed panelists (11/27/12)

  • Matthew Goldstein- Chancellor of City University of New York
  • Tracey Gray Walker- Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Axa Equitable
  • Charlie Temel- Senior Vice President for Investments, UBS Financial Services
  • Peter Wilson- Director of Diversity, Proskauer Rose LLP
  • Stanley Bergman- CEO of Henry Schein
  • LaRay Brown- Senior VP at New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation
  • Maura Bluestone- President and CEO of Affinity Health Plan
  • Ron Weiner- President and Co-Chairman of Perelson Weiner LLP.
  • Mike Nussbaum- President, Multimedia Advertising Company
  • Wellington Chen, Executive Director of Chinatown Partnership

Course participants will be offered an optional SUMMER INTERNSHIP in major venues. For this summer experience, students may qualify for internship credit through the Management Department (see BUS1/2/3 and MGT 5110).
This class is LIMITED to 28 STUDENTS.
Admission is BY APPROVAL OF INSTRUCTOR ONLY. Any student with a compelling interest in Leadership as described in their cover letter may apply. However, priority will be given to students who have Lower or Upper Junior year status, have completed MGT 3120, and have been or are in leadership roles in USG, a Baruch club, or team.
Please send cover letter and resume to Prof. Abe Tawil (baruchcollegeleaderships13@gmail.com).


MKT 4093- Special Topics in Marketing:  Student Consulting Group (Section DMW, Code 2484, Mon/Wed 12:50pm-2:05pm; 3 hours, 3 credits; prerequisite: see below for details; Prof. Lissauer)

Course Overview:
This section of selected topics is the classroom tie-in with the Park Bench Marketing Group that was created in the fall of 2008 as a fully integrated and multidisciplinary in-house marketing communications group. The group’s capabilities, and therefore the skill-set utilized in the classroom, include advertising, branding, graphic and web design, social media and public relations. The objective of the class is to allow students to utilize what has been taught in the classroom and translates it into a real-world experience by enabling them to work with business professionals, both within and outside Baruch College, on pro-bono projects. These projects are selected based upon their diversified goals and objectives and to provide feedback to the members of Park Bench and to work with them as a team. The class also undertakes projects for members of the class as a marketing incubator.


MKT 4093- Special Topics in Marketing: Direct Marketing Echo Competition (Section ETR, Code 2485, Tues/Thurs, 2:30pm-3:45pm; 3 hours, 3 credits; prerequisite: see below for details; Prof. Devine)

Course Overview:
The Collegiate ECHO challenge is an opportunity for college students studying marketing to compete and work on a multi-faceted marketing assignment for a major corporation. As a part of the competition, student teams submit marketing plans which include qualitative and quantitative research summaries, strategy outlines, and detailed analytics based on real-world metrics. While only available to students, the Collegiate ECHO Challenge provides professors with teaching resources and the universities that winning students attend with exposure and goodwill.


MKT 3140- Experimental Course in Marketing: Interaction Design: Designing Innovative Digital Products and Services (Section MF, Code 2496, Friday, 11:10am-1:40pm; 3 hours, 3 credits; prerequisite: MKT 3000; Prof. Ziamou)

Course Overview:
This course orients students to the full spectrum of interaction design. It explores how consumers perceive digital products and services, interact, and live with them. The class will cover a series of cutting-edge tools and methodologies that will enable students to research and understand user emotions and behavior, and design innovative digital products and services that will provide value to the consumer. Examples of successful interaction design from various industries will be reviewed, analyzed, and discussed (e.g., Financial Services, Fashion, Video Games, Health and Wellness, etc.).

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