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Students can use the waitlist feature when a class is full and a waitlist option is available. Students are allowed to be waitlisted for a maximum of 8 units in any given semester. All waitlists are processed through CUNYfirst on a first-come, first-served basis. 

*Special consideration will be given to FINAL semester Zicklin students that are on the waitlist or the waitlist is full (business courses ONLY).  These students can request special consideration online: When submitting a senior request form, please include the course, section, and class number (ex. BPL 5100, BMWA, 12351). Students who are already registered in a section of a course and are requesting another section in the same course will be skipped.


Use the
SWAP feature when possible to ensure that you are not skipped on the waitlist.

Swapping into a waitlist allows students to retain a seat in one class until they get a seat from the waitlist in a different class, as long as prerequisites are met. Swapping from an enrolled course into a waitlist DOES NOT GUARANTEE a seat in the waitlisted section. Students will get a seat in a waitlisted section according to position number and seat availability.

Example: If a student has a seat in FIN 4610 section A but prefers a seat in FIN 4610 section B, the student can use the SWAP feature to keep a seat in section A until a seat becomes available in the waitlisted section B.

IMPORTANT: You will be SKIPPED on the waitlist if:

  • Prerequisites are not completed (INC or PEN grade or didn't pass a pre-requisite)
  • You have a time conflict between an enrolled course and a waitlisted course
  • You already enrolled in a section and then waitlisted in another section of the same course, without using the SWAP feature
  • Enrollment in the waitlisted course will exceed the maximum number of allowed units for the semester. Maximum 18 units for Spring/Fall; Maximum two courses per summer session, a Summer 3 course counts as a Summer 2 course.


Dropped from Waitlisted Course - Common Scenario #1

  1. Enrolled in ACC 3000 Section A
  2. Then Swapped ACC 3000 Section A for two waitlisted ACC 3000 sections (B and C)
  3. The waitlist of section C gets to your position
  4. Student is swapped out of Section A and enrolled into Section C. Your waitlist in Section B will be automatically dropped at the same time.

Dropped from Waitlisted Course - Common Scenario #2

  1. Waitlisted for ACC 3000 Section A
  2. Few days later, you enroll into open ACC 3000 Section B
  3. Your waitlist in Section A will be dropped at the same time you enrolled into Section B.

ONLY enroll or waitlist for preferred sections. DO NOT enroll for a backup section if it does not fit your schedule.


There are no instant updates to the waitlist when a seat becomes available in a section. The waitlists are processed manually every 3-4 days (more frequently as it gets closer to the start of the semester), and the next eligible student on the list will be auto-enrolled if there is an available seat. The student enrolled into a section from the waitlist will be notified via their CUNYfirst preferred email. Frequently check your Baruch email. Students should also routinely check their CUNYfirst schedule to see if auto-enrollment in a waitlisted course has occurred.

Please note that professors and departments are not permitted to grant registration permission for closed/waitlisted sections.

Being waitlisted DOES NOT GUARANTEE a seat in the course. You CANNOT ATTEND a course until you are officially enrolled in it.

Waitlists are processed ONLY until the LAST BUSINESS DAY BEFORE THE SEMESTER/SESSION STARTS. See Registrar academic calendar for dates.

There will be NO MORE waitlists during LATE REGISTRATION. See Registrar academic calendar for dates.


How to add your name to the waitlist:

Check the checkbox when adding the course to your enrollment shopping cart




How to find your waitlist position:

On CUNYfirst, go to Student Services Center -> My Class Schedule to see a list of your waitlisted classes and your position number.


Where to go to SWAP into a waitlisted section:

From enrollment screen


OR From Student Center


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