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Completing Pre-Business Next Semester

CONDITIONAL PERMISSION for Business Base courses:

Students who will be completing their last pre-business course(s)
at Baruch College (not on permit*) will be eligible to concurrently register for the following 3000-level Business Base courses: FIN 3000, MGT 3120, MGT 3121, and MKT 3000. No permission is granted for any other 3000-level or higher course.


If students meet all three of the following conditions, they will be eligible to enroll in MGT 3120 and MKT 3000:

  1. Be enrolled in their remaining pre-business course(s).
  2. Will have completed 60 units by the end of the current semester.
  3. Have a current Baruch GPA of 2.3 or higher and a minimum 2.3 average GPA in their completed pre-business courses. First semester transfer students must wait until they have a Baruch GPA at the end of the semester before they can register for conditional permission courses.

In addition to the above three conditions, to be eligible to enroll in FIN 3000 and MGT 3121, students must meet the following criteria:

  • FIN 3000: Completion of STA 2000, ECO 1001, ECO 1002, Calculus, and ACC 2101
  • MGT 3121: Completion of STA 2000, ECO 1001, ECO 1002, Calculus, and CIS 2200


Important Information Students Should Know

Students will be
DROPPED from enrolled business courses if:

  • They withdraw or do not earn a passing grade in any remaining pre-business courses.
    Non-passing grades include:
    F, INC, PEN, W, WA, WN, WU, and Z
  • The student’s Baruch GPA or pre-Business GPA falls below the 2.3 GPA requirement when grades are posted for the semester.

*Important Information on e-Permit, Outgoing Permits, and Transfer Credits/Grades

It is the responsibility of current Baruch students who are taking any last pre-business courses on permit at another institution to ensure that final grades are sent to Baruch’s Registrar’s Office. Grades must appear on the student’s Baruch transcript to enroll for business base courses. Students planning to take pre-business courses on permit will not be allowed to enroll for business base courses in the same semester.

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