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Zicklin Undergraduate Honors Program - FAQs

What is the Zicklin Honors Undergraduate Program (ZUHP)? In contrast to other honors programs at Baruch, ZUHP is an honors program that focuses exclusively on business education.

Given the high-level of specialized knowledge provided by the existing Zicklin majors, what can an honors program possibly add to enhance the business education currently available at Baruch College? The answer is simple: an advanced, interdisciplinary curriculum that provides an integrated context for today’s business challenges coupled with individual career mentoring and extracurricular workshops and activities.

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How does ZUHP do this? ZUHP is modeled on the current thinking in MBA education. It provides a broad-based, interdisciplinary perspective through its innovative curriculum, the general minor with honors in Advanced Business Analysis. ZUHP’s interdisciplinary courses utilize intellectually engaging pedagogical approaches including case studies and real-time business consulting projects to strengthen analytical ability, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Extracurricular activities expose students to successful executives from many different organizations and business fields. Workshops develop skills that are highly valued in today’s business world.   Mentors provide individual career guidance. The small, intimate nature of the program fosters a high level of interaction between exceptional students from all of Zicklin’s major fields of study, helping students learn to communicate with those possessing different business perspectives.

Why is an interdisciplinary approach so important? Traditional business education has focused on specialized knowledge in accountancy, finance, human resources, information systems, management, marketing, operations, etc. in order to prepare students to fit into the typical business organization which was also structured that way. Clearly, specialized knowledge is still crucial. But as people rise in organizations to executive and leadership positions, it is important that they also understand how all of the different elements work together. The purpose of ZUHP is to provide this broad, multidisciplinary perspective to its students.

Does this minor substitute for the Tier III minor? The general minor with honors in Advanced Business Analysis cannot be used as a substitute for the Tier III minor. The Tier III minor consists of liberal arts courses. All of the courses in the general minor with honors in Advanced Business Analysis will count as business elective credits in your degree.

What is required of students in this program? In addition to completing the courses in the general minor in Advanced Business Analysis, students are expected to maintain a 3.6 GPA, exhibit the highest standards of integrity, participate in the program’s extracurricular activities, and attend extracurricular workshops to develop professional skills.

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