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#1  Full-Time MBA in New York City Among Public Institutions

- 2023 U.S. News & World Report
#1  Evening MBA Program in New York City & New York State Among Public Institutions

- 2023 U.S. News & World Report
#1  Accounting MBA Program in New York City & New York State Among Public Institutions

- 2023 U.S. News & World Report

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Zicklin alumni

Executive VP and COO, State Street Global Advisors

#WhyZicklin “Zicklin has been a big part of my family’s life. My parents immigrated to America from Europe after World War II, and my dad got his BBA and MBA here by studying at night. I met my wife (Donna Lambert, BBA ’87) here while I was working toward my MBA. Morgan Stanley recruited me on campus and hired me right after graduation. I went on to have a long, successful career in finance, working in New York, London, and now Boston. And it’s all because Zicklin opened doors for me. The place has a really warm spot in my heart and I am grateful for the jumpstart and quality of education received.”
Zicklin alumni

Chair and CEO, Deloitte & Touche LLP

#WhyZicklin “Culture matters. Many schools can offer you a wonderful degree, but the culture of a school and how it forms you are the special sauce. When I went to Zicklin, I wasn’t the only one getting up at 4 am to commute to the city, work all day, study at night, and do my homework in Penn Station. The grit, determination, integrity, and diversity of the student body all shape culture. The students at Zicklin come from all walks of life – different countries, economic backgrounds, and experiences – and opened my eyes to a world outside of myself. Zicklin is beyond the wonderful degree you’ll obtain, it forms you into the leader you want to become. At Zicklin, the culture is real.”
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Zicklin alumni

Co-Founder, The Eklund|Gomes Team, Douglas Elliman Real Estate

#WhyZicklin “A big part of the reason I applied to Zicklin was the diversity. That’s so important to me as a business owner. I’m all about inclusivity. It’s one thing to learn a topic and skills. It’s another layer when you learn through the different perspectives of people from different parts of the world or with different life experiences. I'm a biracial man who never felt like I fit in anywhere. Finally, at Zicklin I could fit in and yet stand out. It really made a difference.”
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Zicklin alumni

Director, B2B Payments, Mastercard

#WhyZicklin “It was a very rewarding experience. There was such a diversity of backgrounds — I had a computer science and engineering background, one classmate was an opera singer, another was in advertising, another had been a director. When we worked together in teams, we benefited so much from the different ways people think. And nobody missed a deadline! All my friends from Zicklin are now climbing the corporate ladder, making a name for themselves. It’s the work ethic — I’d never seen people who were so hardworking.”
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