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Reinventing the Campus

PhD image 3One of Zicklin's greatest advantages is its modern, technologically advanced learning environment. With access to Baruch's new "Newman vertical campus," state-of-the-art library and technology center, and one-of-a-kind simulated trading floor, Zicklin students have unmatched educational resources that enable them to compete successfully for leading positions in business and industry.

The unveiling of Baruch's Information and Technology Building in 1994 completed the first phase of an ambitious campus enhancement program. Four floors of the building are devoted to the 1,450-seat William and AnitaNewman Library, an inviting study environment with extensive information resources. The library provides the Baruch community with access to several hundred online databases through the Dow Jones News/Retrieval, LEXIS/NEXIS, and DIALOG services, and to vast holdings in traditional and electronic formats. The building also houses the Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC) , which features over 500 computer workstations with Web access and multimedia capability. BCTC staff provide training and support to Baruch faculty and help them find creative ways to integrate the latest technology into the curriculum.

PhD imageIn Fall 2001 Baruch opened an extraordinary new 17-floor Academic Complex. At almost 800,000 square feet, it covers nearly an entire square block directly opposite the Information and Technology Building. The Zicklin School's academic departments, classrooms, faculty offices, and executive conference facilities are all located at the new building. A highly innovative structure, the building design is based on a new concept: the "Newman vertical campus," which reinterprets the traditional notion of a college campus and allows Baruch to maximize its urban setting.

The building is organized around a series of stacked atria, each with large windows welcoming daylight into the building. Each program has its classrooms and faculty offices organized around an atrium. This design re-creates, to the greatest extent possible in a single city block, the campus atmosphere afforded by an open-air quadrangle and encourages spontaneous and direct communication between faculty and students.

This marvel of urban architecture serves as a campus hub, featuring classrooms and research facilities, a three-level sports and recreation center, a theatre and recital space, a television studio, a 500-seat auditorium, a food court, and a bookstore. In addition, an infrastructure has been designed to accommodate current and future teaching technologies, including multimedia instruction, "smart" lecterns, and distance-learning facilities.

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