PhD Program in Business

Information Systems

The objective of the specialization in information systems is to prepare information systems scholars for careers as researchers and educators.

The program provides a strong foundation for researchers with courses and practice in various research methodologies, tools and approaches for statistical analysis, critical thinking, academic paper writing, and other research-specific skill sets. Students also acquire extensive knowledge in current Information Systems research in various areas such as electronic markets, business analytics, IT governance, information economics, financial information systems, human-computer interaction, agile methods, sourcing strategies, and social computing, among others.

One of our program’s strengths is its diversity. Our students come from different backgrounds and different parts of the world and they work with faculty that specialize in a variety of research areas.  The program is also structured to support and guide the doctoral students to a successful completion of their Ph.D. During their first two years in the program, the students take various doctoral-level courses that provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary for successfully completing their dissertations. They also begin working on research projects with multiple faculty members, starting in their first semester in the program. As a result they engage in active research and they begin publishing research papers as soon as possible.

Radhika Jain (Area Coordinator)

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