PhD Program in Business

Tuition & Fees

Doctoral Students (and non-matriculated students)
  New York Residents (rate per semester) Out-of-State and International Students (rate per semester)

Level I, Full Time (7 or more credits/WIUs)




$905 per credit/WIU


Level I, Part Time


$530 per credit/WIU $905 per credit/WIU
Level II (full time only) $2,930 $6,510
Level III (full time only) $1,165 $2,310


Student Activities Fee

Each student will be billed for a Graduate School Student Activities Fee ($42.20), a University Consolidated Services Fee ($15.00) and a Technology Fee ($125.00 full time fee); these fees are not refundable.

Level 1 doctoral students paying out of state tuition rates, please note that there is no flat rate tuition charge. Such students pay at the per credit rate for all billable hours .

Level 1 doctoral students will be certified full time if they are registered for 7 or more billable credits.