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Human capital is an organization’s most important asset. Prepare your employees to adapt to industry disruptions and challenges with a custom Executive Education Program from the Baruch College Zicklin School of Business. Our programs help companies empower individuals to maximize their expertise and reach their leadership potential. Combining rigorous academic research with highly-actionable and practical curriculum, our programs can serve as a strong catalyst for organizational growth and individual professional development.

Creating Executive Learning Experiences for Your Organization’s Most Pressing Challenges
Great leadership requires strong relationships, the willingness to explore conflicting perspectives, and the ability to advocate for oneself and one’s team.
Executive Leadership Development
  • Developing and communicating strategic vision
  • Motivating teams to action
  • Harnessing collective intelligence for effective team problem-solving
  • Leveraging the connection between authenticity and ethical leadership
The broad impact of technology in all industries, coupled with the rapid pace of technological evolution, means that all managers must continuously update their tech awareness and skills.
Navigating Trends in Technology
  • Becoming a data-savvy executive and making data-driven decisions
  • Understanding and managing cybersecurity threats through effective governance and organizational awareness
  • Assessing strategic, operational, and legal implications of new technologies (AI, predictive behavioral analytics, and blockchain technology)
Whether in the context of a new venture or a large established organization, entrepreneurial thinking can be applied to conceive of and deliver new value in new ways to users, beneficiaries, customers, and society-at-large.
Innovating Organizations
  • Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset within your organization
  • Defining and implementing innovation
  • Creating new measures for risk-taking and new business model innovation
Accounting and finance are pervasive in all organizations. Executives must be financially literate in order to effectively communicate their message and make strong arguments in favor of their initiatives.
Strengthening Functional Areas
  • Increasing finance and accounting capabilities across business functions
  • Elevating the human resource function by leveraging human capital analytics, performance assessment process improvements, and using financial reporting data to incentivize performance

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