Executive Doctorate in Business

Be the Doctor in the Board Room

Be the Doctor in the Board Room

The Zicklin Executive Doctorate in Business (EDB) is designed for senior executives with 7-10 years of executive business experience who seek the empirical knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the C-suite.  Our doctoral faculty developed a customized curriculum using experimental design and research methods to address business issues of the day. We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2018. Interviews are now being conducted and admissions decisions being made on a rolling basis through the final application deadline of June 30, 2018.

Program Highlights


Benefits of the Executive Doctorate in Business

Continuing your executive professional development with an EDB allows you to:

Company Benefits

Zicklin’s EDB expands your academic skill set, allowing you to bring new solutions to your organization’s business challenges. The curriculum addresses current theoretical and empirical research in the field, giving you a broader perspective of the industry. The exposure to research methodology and theory will also equip you to guide doctoral and research professionals employed at your firm.


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