Executive Programs

The International Study Tour

The culminating experience of each master’s degree program is an international study tour that broadens students’ vision by exposing them to a country with a different history, culture, challenges, and ways of doing business. On the tour, students visit executives in a wide range of local businesses, meeting CEOs and other C-suite executives who share their unique insights on their firms. They also visit leaders of non-profits and NGOs, rounding out their appreciation and understanding of local conditions.

The tour is part of a course for credit. Students prepare for the tour with study of the country’s economy, business environment, and history. Upon their return, they work in teams on a project related to what they experienced.

The greatest value of the experience is that by going far outside of our familiar environment, students are first challenged to comprehend the unique history and problems of a very different society. They are further challenged to think seriously about how local businesses meet the problems and needs of their people.

In recent years, students have traveled to Costa Rica, South Africa, Vietnam, and Singapore. Following are some recent highlights.

Costa Rica

In March 2023, students from Zicklin’s Executive programs visited Costa Rica as part of their international study tour. They conducted site visits to companies such as Abbott, Cinde, Starbuck’s Alsatia Coffee farm, Ara Cocau, and many others, and met with Costa Rican-based entrepreneurs.