Zicklin Graduate Admissions

Incoming Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Zicklin School of Business! We look forward to you joining us and advise that all new students follow the steps outlined below. Steps 1 – 4 should be fulfilled in their intended order, while steps 5 – 7 can be completed simultaneously.

2: Gain Full Admission
3: Activate Your Account
4: Register for Courses
5: Access Baruch Technology
6: Pay Your Bill
7: Submit Immunization Records
8: Get Your Student ID Card

Guidance for International Students

The International Student Service Center (ISSC) is available to provide advice and assistance to all international students as they prepare to study at Baruch College. The Office of Graduate Admissions notifies ISSC of admitted students who may require an F1 visa or J1 visa, based on information submitted during the admission process.

Request to Defer

Admitted applicants may request to defer their admission for up to one year. Please complete this form.