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Joint JD/MBA

The Zicklin School of Business has partnered with Brooklyn Law School and New York Law School to bring you an exclusive joint JD/MBA program. The Joint JD/MBA program gives you a more in-depth study of both law and business subjects, while positioning you for unique opportunities within a law or business practice. Students can enroll at either Brooklyn or New York Law School while taking Evening MBA courses to complete both degrees faster.

About the Program

Credits Required:

Estimated Completion Time:

Program Structure

You begin with taking courses at either Zicklin or one of the law schools. You generally spend one year at one institution and the next year at the other institution. You can divide your remaining time between the two institutions. Program coordinators at each school will help you accommodate enrollment and registration at their respective institutions. Students must meet the separate academic, residency and financial requirements at each school.

The JD and MBA degrees are conferred after degree requirements at both institutions have been satisfied. Students who elect to complete one degree before (or instead of) the other degree must complete the conventional requirements for the degree that is being sought.

MBA Program Requirements

The Evening MBA degree program requires 48 credits:

Law Program Requirements

All law courses must be completed at Brooklyn Law School or New York Law School. Students should consult Brooklyn Law School and The New York Law School directly for curriculum information.

Application Instructions

You must submit separate applications to Zicklin’s Business School and the law school, and satisfy each school’s admissions requirements (including GMAT/GRE and LSAT scores).

Concurrent Applications & Deferrals

You may apply to Zicklin and law school at the same time.

Please note: If admitted, we recommend you enroll in one school and defer admission to the other school, while you pursue your studies in one program for the first year.

Admission to Baruch may be deferred for up to three semesters, provided students have been registered in Brooklyn Law School or New York Law School during that time period. (Admissions records are kept for 18 months.)

Alternatively, you may apply to one school during your first year of full-time enrollment in the other school (or the equivalent for part-time students). Students who seek to enter the joint program at some later point in their MBA or JD program require approval of the program coordinators in each school.

All students regardless of where they are registered should meet with the MBA and JD program coordinators to discuss the requirements for the joint program and complete a program worksheet.

Financial Aid Options

You should reach out to the financial aid offices at Baruch and the law school for information. Students cannot apply for financial aid through more than one school for the same period of enrollment. A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to students studying at Baruch full time.

For Further information:

Zicklin School of Business Office of Graduate Admissions
Telephone: (646) 312-1300
Brooklyn Law School Office of Admissions and Advisement
Mr. Eulas Boyd, Dean of Admissions
Address: 250 Joralmon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201-0395
Telephone: (718) 780-7906
Fax: (718) 780-0495
Web site:
New York Law School
Adam Barrett, Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid
Address: 57 Worth Street
New York, NY 10013
Telephone: (212) 431-2888
Fax: (212) 966-1522
Web site: