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Zicklin MBA Business Consulting Practicum

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About the MBA Consulting Program

The Zicklin MBA Consulting Program provides consulting services to New York’s business community. Our MBA student consultants use their diverse skills and expertise to provide different perspectives for your business projects.

How We Work with Your Organization

We work with a variety of companies in various stages of development from startups and large corporations to nonprofits and government entities.

We consult on a wide range of projects and business challenges including: business strategy, market segmentation, production issues, financial analysis, identifying new markets, marketing and sales development, communication strategy, finance and accounting challenges, information systems audits, and talent management.

There is no financial commitment to your organization. The MBA Consulting Program is a valuable learning opportunity for students, who receive academic credit for their participation. Their final grade is contingent upon client satisfaction and client evaluation of their work.

What We Deliver

Our consultants spend approximately two months building relationships with clients. During that time, they define the scope of the project, evaluate your business, explore opportunities, and deliver an actionable plan you can implement within your organization. The final deliverable may include:

Business Plan
Process Analysis
Financial Analysis
Marketing Plan
Market Outlook
Communications Strategy

Clients have an opportunity to extend the program each semester with a new class of consultants.


Why Work with Zicklin MBA Students

Zicklin provides its students with intensive training to prepare them for the demanding job of serving client needs. Zicklin’s MBAs are highly-motivated, analytical and goal oriented. Clients will have access to a diverse pool of candidates with a strong work ethic. Our consultants have a track record of academic ability and practical experience, with an average of 5 years’ working in their industry. A dedicated faculty member oversees the consultants to ensure client satisfaction.

Ready to Get Started?

Professor Anthony K. Farina, Director of Business Consulting
Phone: (917) 207-9170