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Case Competitions

What Are Case Competitions?

Case competitions are an opportunity for students to work alone or together in teams to analyze a problem specific to a case study, and strategically develop the best solution(s) within the case study guidelines by a certain date. Case competitions are usually sponsored by an organization or company. Depending on each competition, student teams may be required to present to a panel of judges or to submit a final analysis to judges for review. Judges determine the “winning team” based on the judging criteria put in place.



There are many benefits to participating in case competitions:

  • An opportunity to apply the knowledge and skill sets learned in the classroom learning environment to solve complex, real-world problems and receive feedback from industry professionals
  • Building professional relationships through unique networking experiences
  • Developing and improving leadership, organizational, presentation, case analysis, and teamwork skills
  • Building your resume, boosting your confidence, and providing real-world industry exposure
  • Potential interview and/or internship opportunities, as well as competitive advantages when interviewing
  • Increasing your sense of belonging to the institution by representing the Zicklin School of Business
  • Potential opportunities to win financial awards and professional recognition

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Student Testimonials

Laura Gressin, MBA '24

Laura Gressin, MBA '24

Kogod School of Business at American University (AU) Case Competition (Consulting and Strategy)

“The case competition was a wonderful opportunity to step out of the classroom and analyze a business to provide real-life solutions. We met with the client, we presented to an auditorium, and we greatly improved our public speaking skills. But I would be lying to you if I told you that this was the best part of the competition… because it wasn’t.

The best of the competition was my bonding experience with my teammates. It was the late nights in the hotel where everyone was focused on giving the best of themselves, it was our teammate Charlene who is an excellent public speaker and took the time to coach us into how to be one, it was the constant support we got from each other.”

PRMIA Institute Risk Management Challenge (Finance)

The challenge, now in its sixth year, is a case competition using real-world business situations that is organized by the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) Institute in Northfield, MN.

“The virtual competition was a different experience but in these extraordinary times, one has to adapt,” said Kanica Khatri (MBA, ’21), adding that it “went off without a hitch” and was in some ways less distracting than a physical competition would have been: “I could minimize the other participants’ boxes. That’s one benefit of a virtual competition.”


Here are some of the open competitions available to Baruch students.

Analytics and Information Systems
Consulting & Strategy
Entrepreneurship & Start-ups
Real Estate