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Executives on Campus

The Executives on Campus [EOC] program at Baruch College connects undergraduate and graduate students with executive mentors who guide and develop their networking, interviewing and other essential business etiquette skills to make Baruch students competitive in today’s job market.

International Student Services Center (ISSC)

The International Student Service Center (ISSC) coordinates administrative services and immigration and visa matters for the International Students at Baruch College. They also offer information about programs of study abroad and arrange programs of special interest to International Students.

Office of Graduate Programs

The Office of Graduate Programs houses several offices: The Full-Time MBA Office; The Part-Time MBA Office; The Office of MS Programs. Each of these offices provides a variety of services dedicated to the quality of life for Zicklin graduate students.

Zicklin Graduate Admissions

With students from over 166 countries, speaking 110 languages and with a 43% female population, the Zicklin School of Business offers a very diverse community from which to study.  Scholarship, research, and career services are intertwined with New York City’s vibrant business landscape.

Baruch College Alumni Association

The Baruch College Alumni Association has always believed that one of the many advantages of a good education is the ability to give back so that future generations will have even greater opportunities.

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