Zicklin Undergraduate Programs

BBA Degree Requirements

Half of the credits required for the Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree focus on arts, sciences and general education to provide graduates with a solid and broad educational foundation. The business curriculum exposes students to ethical values that encourage participation in community affairs, and to an awareness of the relationship between business and the legal, political, and social settings in which it functions. Zicklin undergraduates benefit from a very diverse student community that prepares them for today’s multicultural global business environment.

The BBA program consists of 124 credits:

  • 62 credits in arts and sciences (minimum)
  • 54 credits in required business courses:
    • 30 credits in the business base
    • 24 credits in the major.
  • 8 credits of free electives us for arts, sciences, or business courses

Degree Requirements

  • Students must maintain a minimum C average (or 2.0 GPA) in their degree work
  • Students must maintain at least a C average in their major
  • Students must complete a Liberal Arts minor in arts and sciences (See Minor Requirements Below).
  • A minimum of 60% of the credits in the major field must be completed at Baruch College.
  • There is no GPA requirement for College Option courses, but to graduate with a liberal arts minor, a student must have a grade point average of at least 2.0 in the three courses that make up the minor.
  • Accounting and Finance majors are NOT permitted to take any major courses on ePermit.
Second Degree and Transfer Students
  • A transfer student must meet all degree requirements and take a minimum of 31 credits at Baruch for the BBA degree.
  • Second degree students cannot major in Accounting.
  • A second-degree business student must meet all degree requirements and complete a new specialization and take a minimum of 31 credits at Baruch, of which a minimum of 27 credits must be in business courses.
  • None of the courses in the second major can have been used for the previous major if your first undergraduate degree was completed at Baruch.

Minor Requirements

The minor is included in the 62-credit arts and sciences requirement. It consists of three courses of disciplinary study (in some instances, interdisciplinary study taken at the 300o level or higher, as outlined below:

  • First two courses at 3000 level or higher
  • Final course must be a 4000-, 5000-, or 6000-level capstone course.
  • Capstone courses are research oriented and communication intensive. Students may choose to complete a second minor in a business discipline using free electives.


View our curriculum page to find out more about Zicklin’s Business Core Courses and about Pathways – Baruch’s general education requirements.

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