Zicklin Undergraduate Programs


Students interested in transferring to Baruch to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in the Zicklin School of Business should visit the Zicklin Eligibility Requirements webpage for detailed information, including information on Early and Regular entry and GPA requirements.  

A transfer student must meet all degree requirements and take a minimum of 31 credits at Baruch for the BBA degree.

How to Use the Zicklin Transfer Explorer:
  • Select your entry path to explore the Eligibility Requirements for the Zicklin School of Business.
  • Select the CUNY College you are transferring from and click “Go”.
  • If you took a pre-business course at a college different from your Transfer College, click the drop down next to the college name.
  • Calculating your Pre-Business GPA
    • Select the courses you have already taken or plan to take.
    • Report the grade earned in each of the courses.
    • Your self-reported pre-business GPA displays in the upper-right corner.