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Business Courses Enrollment Criteria

On the enrollment date assigned by the Registrar’s Office, students will be able to enroll for all courses that they qualify for based on criteria, prerequisites, and total number of units. Four groups of students (indicated below) are required to submit a permission request during registration to obtain permission. Permission is granted according to fulfillment of permission criteria, on the dates specified below in “IMPORTANT DATES”.

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Students Currently Completing Pre-Business Requirements at Baruch College
Registering for Business Base Courses while Completing Pre-Business Requirements
BPL 5100 (Business Policy) Enrollment Criteria
Concurrently Enroll in ACC 4100 & ACC 5400 for Accounting Majors
Unit Overload Request
Pre-requisite Enrollment in Winter Intersession or Summer Session I
Required Business Courses for Non-Business Students


Waitlists are an option for students who wish to enroll in a class that is filled to capacity. This page gives you details on the waitlist policy, timeframe, and options for swapping courses.