Zicklin Undergraduate Programs

Completing Pre-Business in Current Semester

ZKTP Group – Students completing their last pre-business course(s):
– during Fall for Spring registration
– during Winter for Spring registration
– during Spring for Summer/Fall registration
– during Summer for Fall registration

Students will be eligible to enroll for Zicklin courses on their scheduled enrollment date if they meet all three of the following criteria. Please review Important Dates. (*Students completing in Summer 1/2/3 or Winter Intersession will get permission on specified dates).

  • Completion of 45 units (or 30 unitsfor students who entered or re-entered Baruch in Fall 2021 and onwards following early entry admission requirements).
  • Have a current Baruch GPA1 of 2.3 or higher and a minimum 2.3 average GPA in completed pre-business courses. (When all pre-business courses are completed, the 2.25 rule for admission to Zicklin will apply to both the pre-business courses GPA and overall Baruch GPA.) Transferred grades will be used in calculating the pre-business GPA with the exception of international grades which are not transferred.
  • Transfer students in their first semester at Baruch will be eligible for ZKTP even without a Baruch GPA. Depending on which Zicklin admission path a student is following, all applicable pre-business courses must appear on the student’s Baruch transcript. Students with pending transfer evaluation for any applicable pre-business courses are not eligible for ZKTP.

1 Students with unresolved INC or PEN grades will not be evaluated for this ZKTP permission until those grades are resolved.


  • Students taking any last pre-business courses on e-Permit or outgoing permit will not get this permission until the permit course grade is transferred back and posted onto their Baruch transcript. When the grade is posted, the student should send an email to ZicklinUndergraduate@baruch.cuny.edu with their full name and CUNYfirst EMPLID# to be evaluated for permission.
  • Students will only be granted permission when their record shows that they have an intended BBA plan (major). If a student needs to declare/change their intended major, they must complete an intended major form and submit to the Registrar’s Office.
Important Information About Being Dropped From Business Courses
Taking Pre-Business Courses on ePermit/Outgoing Permit and Transfer Credits/Grades