Zicklin Undergraduate Programs

Unit Overload

Students will submit a request form online (only available during registration). Please review Important Dates for when requests are reviewed. Eligible students will be notified via Baruch email.


To qualify for a unit overload, students must have earned a 3.5 Baruch GPA or higher and have no unresolved grades (e.g. PEN or INC).

  • Spring/Fall semesters: maximum overload is 3 units for a total of 21 units.
  • Summer sessions: maximum overload is a fifth course.
    • Maximum three courses in a session.
    • A summer session III course counts as a summer session II course.
  • Winter intersession: No overload allowed. 

Once classes begin, students are not allowed to add/drop/change any courses during the semester they are approved and enrolled in unit overload. There are no exceptions to this policy.