Zicklin Undergraduate Programs

QNT 2020

FAQs about the new QNT 2020 Course
  • We are piloting a new course (QNT 2020 – Foundations of Predictive Analytics and Decision Modeling) during the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 academic year. Here is the tentative syllabus for the course.
  • Students can use this course in lieu of their calculus requirement. Instead of calculus, the grade earned in QNT 2020 will be used to calculate the student’s pre-business GPA for admission into Zicklin.
    • This option is available only for students completing this course in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021.
    • NOTE: Calculus is a liberal arts course, whereas QNT 2020 is a business course, so students will need to make up the number of liberal arts credits.
  • We are offering only a limited number of seats. Enrollment is on a first-come first-served basis.


Here are answers to some FAQs:

I was previously denied admission to Zicklin. Can I take QNT 2020 so calculus is not calculated into my pre-business GPA and seek readmission into Zicklin?

No. Students who were denied admission into Zicklin are NOT eligible to take QNT 2020 for admission into Zicklin. 

If I failed calculus, can I take QNT 2020 instead?

Yes. You can use QNT 2020 in lieu of the calculus requirement. This option is available only for students completing this course in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021.

If I failed calculus and take QNT 2020, would I get a F replacement for calculus?

No. QNT 2020 cannot be used for calculus grade replacement. If you want to get a grade replacement, you must retake calculus.

If I fail or withdraw QNT 2020, can I go back and take calculus?

Yes, but you cannot replace the F in QNT 2020 using your grade from calculus. Your Baruch GPA will still include the F in QNT 2020.

If I previously failed calculus and I’m now going to take QNT 2020, will my F in calculus be factored into my pre-business GPA?

Yes. For students who previously failed calculus and pass QNT 2020, both the F in calculus and the grade in QNT 2020 will count towards the pre-business GPA.

I could not enroll in QNT 2020 during Fall 2020 or Spring 2021. Can I complete QNT 2020 later and use it in lieu of calculus?

No. This option is only available if you complete QNT 2020 in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021.

If I already passed calculus and accepted into Zicklin, can I take QNT 2020 as an elective?

Yes. QNT 2020 can be taken as a business elective OR free elective.